Super Bowl 2013


    Today February 3, 2013 the Super Bowl XLVII will kick off at 6:30pm(ET) and the Ravens will take on the 49ers to determine who will be the Super Bowl 2013 champions. The game is set for kick-off in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Stadium in New Orleans. The game will be broadcast live on CBS Sport channel. The Super Bowl 2013 will not be broadcast in 3D.

    Super Bowl 2013

    Here are some quick facts about the Super Bowl 2013 in the second part of the article we will cover some of the Best Super Bowl 2013 Commercials from the Automotive Industry.

    Mercedes-Benz Superdome Stadium_New_Orleans

    Super Bowl 2013 Facts

    • It is the first time in Super Bowl history that two brothers as head coaches will face each other in the Super Bowl Final.
    • Super Bowl Broadcast: The main Broadcaster CBS will broadcast the game to more than 200 stations throughout the United States and Canada. Dial Global Radio to 600 stations within the United States. Armed Forces Television will also provide broadcast to 175 countries. The game will be distributed internationally by the NFL and NFL International to more than 185 countries and broadcast in 30 languages.
    • In 2012 more than 111.3 million people watched the Super Bowl and 2013 is expected to attract even more people to watch the game.
    • The average cost of a Super Bowl Commercials for 2013 is estimated to be $3.9 million.
    • Last year on game day, Americans collectively consumed 11 million pounds of chips and 1.25 billion pounds of chicken wings. It is expected that in the Super Bowl 2013 Game Day Sunday these could rise by 8 percent.
    • If you want to go and watch the Super Bowl 2013 live in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Stadium in New Orleans tickets can cost anything from $800.00 to $7000.00 and that is not including accommodation and travel costs.

    Super Bowl 2013 Commercials

    The KIA Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

    It’s a question parents have had to delicately address for years. In Kia’s 2013 Super Bowl commercial for the 2014 Sorento, the company developed an elaborate answer to that question when a father is asked the uncomfortable question.

    The Mercedes Benz Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

    The Mercedes Benz stadium play host to the Super Bowl 2013 and Mercedes Benz also have ads running on Super Bowl Sunday.  The Mercedes Benz Super Bowl 2013 looks like it is in 3D so viewers of the ad should be able to see Kate Upton in ways they have never seen her before.

    The Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

    Volkswagen, “Get In. Get Happy.” is the mantra of the Volkswagen 2013 Super Bowl Commercial. The commercial are most likely to go viral and become the most watched Super Bowl advertisement ever. Volkswagen Marketing have came up with a clever strategy to incorporate actors from already viral videos into their commercial.

    If you enjoy Bob Marley, Red Stripe or vacationing in Jamaica, you’re going to love Volkswagen’s hilarious Super Bowl ad on Sunday evening.

    The Hyundai Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

    Hyundai puts bullies in their place in their commercial for the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. The ad shows a little boy being bullied by a group of kids who take his football. They tell him to get a team if he wants to play, so he does.

    The Hyundai Marketing have likely looked at the Top trends in Search and Social Media for the past year, where School Bullies have trend several times this past year, and want to get some leverage from this trend.

    All and all it looks like Febraury 3, 2013 is going to be another great day for Super Bowl 2013 fans!