Super Bowl 2012: Google

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We like to follow the Google Doodles to see what are the latest things happening in the world. Maybe to put it better we like to keep our eyes on the Google Homepage to see the latest important historic events, important people’s birthdays, announcements, holidays and other interesting things share with us via the Google Homepage.

Super Bowl 2012

“Get ready for the big game. Google has everything you need from chilly recipes and player stats to the TV ads. Scroll through our playbook to learn more.”

Recently Google have become more active in their frontage promotions by placing links to important and news worthy events in the world. Check out their Google Super Bowl 2012 page.

First they used the links below the search box to inform people about Tsunami’s and Earth Quakes but recently have also started promoting things like their “Privacy Policy” changes and President Obama’s state of the nation speech.

This year they have also become pro-actively involved in the Super Bowl 2012 by providing a link to some of the best information on the internet about the Super Bowl.

Instead of giving their search engine the benefit of the doubt of presenting the best content about the Super Bowl 2012. They have used human editors to set up a special page just about the super bowl and the important news and events surrounding the Super Bowl 2012.

Super Bowl 2012: Game Day on Google

Many webmasters and companies whom have relied on their search engine positioning for keywords surrounding the keywords “Super Bowl 2012 and Super Bowl 2012 Commercials” etc, may actually be upset with Google using the search engine to direct people directly to their handpicked selection of Super Bowl events. It is likely that these publishers and webmasters will miss out on millions of dollars because people will find this information directly via the link from the Google front page instead of actually using the search engine to find these results themselves.

Google have been in the spotlight recently for using their Search Engine to promote their own products, giving the Google Search Engine an unfair advantage by just plastering a link on their front page and instantly receive millions of views.

Publishers may say that it is unfair that Google use its search engine to promote their own products. Advertisers needed to pay, between 3 – 4 million for a Super Bowl advertisement and here Google comes and steal the show by just placing a Super Bowl link on their front page.

However we believe that Google users appreciate the move by Google to create a summary of all the most important News, Entertainment and information surrounding the Super Bowl 2012 event!

Google+ Super Bowl 2012 and Personal Search

It is also interesting to see how Google is using their Social Media network platform Google+ to make quality information more accessible to its Google+ users via the Google+ Super Bowl pages. If you are using Google “Search Plus Your World” and the Google Personal Search option, you will also find it easy to sniff out the best content about the Super Bowl 2012 from the things that your circle members in Google+ have liked with the Google +1 option!

Google Super Bowl 2012

Google makes it easy for people to find Quality Handpicked information about the Super Bowl 2012

Generally users of the Google Search engine will not complain about the page that Google have created for the Super Bowl 2012. The Google Super Bowl 2012 specific page makes it easy to stumble onto great content that users may have missed if they were not using the Google Search engine and News Services to find this information.

Here are some links and highlights to the best information found from the Google Super Bowl 2012 page. Get ready for game day with the latest player stats, real-time score updates, and 3D stadium views.

Google Super Bowl 2012 Recipes

Super Bowl 2012 Recipies

The Google Game Day Super Bowl 2012 page provides you some easy answers to the things that you want to know about the Super Bowl 2012. They have divided their page into a time schedule providing you with assistance to plan your Super Sunday Game Day. The first suggestion that they have involves Breakfast and things to eat on Super Sunday. In the Super Bowl recipes section you can find out about the best recipes and snacks to have for Super Bowl 2012.

“Game day snacks are critical. To search for a recipe, type your favorite food into the Google search box, click on “Recipes” on the left-hand-side, and filter by ingredients, cook time, and calories.” – Source Google Game Day Page

Explore popular Super Bowl 2012 Game Day recipes

It’s the green team everyone is cheering for. Make it right with the best avocado mashup.

There are 1000s of ways to make chili, and we’ll help you find the perfect one.

Super Bowl 2012 Pre Game

Google provides you with interesting Pre-Game information and statistics about the Super Bowl. You can even use the Google Game Day pages to find statistics about your favorite Super Bowl heroes, find information and previous records and even watch the stadium in 3D making use of Google Earth.

Super Bowl 2012 Pre Game

On the Google Super Bowl 2012 Game Day pages you will also find a video of the Indianapolis, Indiana stadium where the 2012 Super Bowl is taking place


Football Score

The Google Football Score feature also makes it possible for visitors to the Google Game Day pages to instantly find out what is the realtime score for the Super Bowl 2012 event. Look out for the Football Score search button on the Google Game Day pages. Click on the search button and you will instantly get the latest Super Bowl 2012 score. You can use this feature on your Ipod, Ipad, computer, Android and smart phone making it easy to access the latest Football Score!

Football Score

Super Bowl 2012 Youtube:

Halftime is your chance to see what the big game is really about for some of us… Catch up on the commercials you missed with YouTube AdBlitz. Google have created a special YouTube feature to allow you to stay up to date with the latest Super Bowl 2012 Commercials and events. Simply go to the Google Game Day pages and visit the YouTube Super Bowl Adblitz pages to view some of the most popular clips and videos from Super Bowl Sunday!Super Bowl 2012 Youtube

Madonna Super Bowl 2012 Preview on YouTube and Google+

Get an early taste of the halftime show with Madonna’s music video premiere for “Give Me All Your Luvin” featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. on her official youtube.com/Madonna channel this Friday and on the YouTube Ad Blitz channel on Sunday.
 Madonna Super Bowl 2012

Follow Madonna on Google+

You can also watch the Madonna Preview Video below:

Super Bowl 2012 on Google+ Post Game

“On Monday, after the final score has had a chance to sink in, join us in a Hangout with CNBC’s Darren Rovell. Offer him your post game analysis or take him on a tour of your home. Whatever you’re into. Talk sports with an expert

Hangout with Darren Rovell, Emmy award-winning CNBC reporter, to dish on the players, the plays, and the buzzworthy commercials. Join the discussion live on February 6th at 12pm ET from NBC’s Google+ page.”

Follow NBC on Google+

Super Bowl 2012 Post Game

This is more or less the information that you will find on the Google Super Bowl 2012 Game Day pages. Google have created a very valuable resource for Super Bowl fans making it easy to access quality information about the Super Bowl Globally! We here believe that the move by Google to create the Super Bowl 2012 page will create the most ever exposure that the Super Bowl have ever received.

Here at 3D Car Shows we are not supporting a specific Super Bowl team, however if your team are playing our wishes are that the best team on Super Bowl Sunday will walk away with the trophy!

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