Super Bowl 2012 Commercials


    Super Bowl 2012 CommercialsHere at 3D Car Shows we are pleased to announce our favorite Super Bowl 2012 Commercials from the Auto Motive industry. This year some of the leading motor manufacturers will once again showcase some of the best 2012 Super Bowl Commercials during the game. We are still not 100% sure which commercials will be shown during the Super Bowl 2012 game, we have however received some teaser commercials from some of the motor manufacturers.

    On this page you will be able to see some of the best Automotive Super Bowl 2012 Commercials. The Super Bowl 2012 is taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana USA on Sunday the 5th of February 2012. NBC have secured television rights for the Super Bowl 2012 and you can watch the game live on NBC or for the first time legally on the internet.

    Whether you are shouting for the New York Giants or the New England Patriots us here at 3D Car Shows hopes that the best team on the day will win the Super Bowl Vince Lombardi Trophy.

    Video: Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

    Here are some of the best Automotive Commercials that will be broadcast during the 2012 Super Bowl. We hope that you enjoy these and will share it with your friends and family to help get them into the Super Bowl 2012 spirit!

    Audi Super Bowl 2012 Commercials:

    The Audi Super Bowl commercial have already received 3,542,744 views on Youtube. The Video display the New Audi Head Lights at a Vampire Party. The headlights are so powerful that it destroy’s the vampires. With Volvo being closely associated with “Twiglight” we cannot help to wonder if the Advertisement are saying “Audi is better than Volvo”.

    Chevrolet Super Bowl 2012 Commercials:

    The Chevrolet Super Bowl 2012 Commercial dubbed “Mayan 2012 Apocalyps” have aleady received 521,047 prior to Super Sunday and the official Super Bowl 2012 kickoff. In the video some Chevrolet drivers come together after the Apocalyps. It seems like only people who drive Chevrolets have survived. One of the actors ask his friends “Where is Dave” it seems like Dave did not make it because he were driving a Ford.

    “I loved this Super Bowl 2012 Commercial from Chevrolet. The graphics and quality of the advertisement is really good, and I like the story line, However I am surprised that the Chevrolet Super Bowl 2012 Commercial have only received 521,047 views so far!”

    You can view more Chevrolet Super Bowl 2012 Advertisements on our

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    pages. It seems like Chevrolet will have 5 Advertisements running during this year’s Super Bowl.

    KIA: Super Bowl 2012 Commercials:

    The Kia Super Bowl 2012 Commercial is another one of my favorite automotive Super Bowl 2012 Commercials. The Kia Commercial gets to show the American Dream and the fun of Super Bowl Sunday the best. You will love this advertisement if you love the American Dream.

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