Super Bowl 2012 Commercial Failure Audi is not a safe car


Super Bowl Commercial AudiSuper Bowl 2012 Audi Commercial Wins 3D Car Shows Worst Automotive Advertisement ever unofficial award!

We have been following some of the Super Bowl ads all week as many of these ads were pre-released and we were able to view these advertisements and commercials well before the actual Super Bowl 2012 event that took place Super Bowl Sunday February 5, 2012. For us here at 3D Car Shows being in the Automotive Industry we appreciated the fact that there were so many Automotive Advertisements at the 2012 Super Bowl.

However, and this is our personal opinion Audi failed with their Vampire Super Bowl 2012 Commercial. In the advertisement some friends (Vampires) are having a party and one of their friends, also a Vampire comes to the party.

In our opinion it feels like the Advertisement is challenging Volvo in some way. Volvo has a close connection with Vampires from the Twilight movies.

This is still ok if Audi challenges Volvo in some way with their advertisement. Chevrolet did something similar with their Super Bowl 2012 Chevrolet Advertisement when they took on Ford. But here we have a car that should offer it’s driver advanced safety features, yet in the Audi Super Bowl 2012 Commercial the Audi Car kills all the drivers friends, even if they are vampires they are still friends of the diver. This makes me question the safety of an Audi. Secondly the driver gets out of the car and you can see he is shocked that all his friends just got killed, and walk into the Audi Car Lights just to be killed by his own Car.

For me, and this is my personal opinion, the developers of the Audi Advertisement have focused so much on the “Vampires or Vampires Volvo association” that they completely forgot what a consumer wants’ even if our friends are Vampires, we do not want to kill our friends with the car we are driving, we are looking for a Safe car!

Audi is not for Vampire Fans

In our opinion it is also a bold move to go directly against Vampire Fans. Many people around the world have been fascinated by Vampires for many years, some love vampires and some hate vampires. For me it is a bold move and getting into Vampire politics may win Audi more enemies than fans!

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