Summer solstice 2013


Today it is the start of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Google Chose to celebrate the day with both a “Summer Solstice 2013” Google Doodle in the Northern Hemisphere and a “First day of Winter 2013” in the Southern Hemisphere. We have posted earlier today about the “First day of Winter 2013” Google Doodle on our site, and it seems to have created quite a stir about if the winter starts on the 1st of June or the 21st of June in the Southern Hemisphere (Australia and New Zealand) or on the 21st of June.

You can read more about this interesting debate and comments on our 

First day of winter 2013

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First Day of winter 2013


It has always been amazing for me to think that people across the globe have different time zones, and that while it is day here it might be night somewhere else. The debate of summer and winter and the understanding of Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice make thinking about it that much more interesting!

The Northern Hemisphere declares the summer solstices (21 June, 21 December) and equinoxes (20 March, 22 September)  as the start of each new season.

From my most recent understanding, there are Meteorological seasons and Astronomical seasons. The Meteorological seasons are determined by mean rise/fall of temperature and they fall on the 1st day of the month while
Astronomical seasons are determined by the exact times of transit of the sun over the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn for the solstices and the times of the sun’s transit over the equator for the equinoxes and they fall on the dates listed above.

The Summer Solstice 2013 Google Doodle

Summer Solstice 2013

Just the opposite of the “First day of winter 2013” Google Doodle the “Summer solstice 2013” doodle show a family enjoying the sunshine and beaches. In the “Summer Solstice 2013” there is 5 people swimming and a big wave sweeping over them. Usually it is easy to see the words “Google” in the logo, but with this one I  am finding it difficult to actually see the words!

Summer solstice 2013

Two opposites the “First Day of Winter 2013” and the Summer Solstice 2013 Google Doodle