Subaru Owners Club ends off 2012 with a bang at the track

  • ScoobyFest 2012 seals the year with speed and power for SOCSA
  • Subaru Owners Club ends off 2012 with a bang at the track
  • Fastest Subarus in SA set blistering times in various disciplines

ScoobyFest 2012

Zwartkops Raceway, Sunday 01 December 2012 – the Subaru Owners Club of South Africa (SOCSA) today descended upon Zwartkops Raceway near Pretoria for the fourth instalment of ScoobyFest. Doubling as the club’s year-end function, the track festival is both a showcase of the club members’ vehicles and a petrol head’s playground, with speed and power in every direction.

Not only limited to the tarmac, an aerobatics display saw speed and power expertly showcased in the air, while the Nissan club was on hand to show off some miniature horsepower with their RC cars. Various product partners also attended the event, displaying their products and services. A free Subaru tuning session was given away to a lucky raffle entrant, and Subaru Johannesburg and Subaru Centurion were also at the track with cars available for test driving.

Subaru Owners Club

Tyres and tarmac meet automotive legends

With various disciplines of competition involved at ScoobyFest 2012, Subaru’s rich rallying heritage, notorious performance vehicles and legendary Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system were in full swing in every direction.

The skidpan gymkhana, which saw two vehicles pitted against each other in a mirrored course on the wet surface, produced stellar results and indeed a challenge to drivers. Drifting, handbrake turns and full-bore runs off the start lines were the order of the day, with tight competition resulting. As part of a special treat courtesy of Subaru Southern Africa, Hennie Groenewald – driver of the Sasol Racing Subaru STI in the Bridgestone Production Cars Championship – was on hand to take SOCSA members and Subaru fans on the skidpan in the new Subaru BRZ sports coupe.

Subaru South Africa

Owner of a Subaru STI, Wayne Hay took the men’s gymkhana honours, followed closely by Carl van Ass and Lenny van de Luytgaarden, both also in STIs. Not to be outdone, the ladies’ times weren’t too far off, with Shantelle van der Schyff (BMW 328i), Nadia Singh (Subaru STI) and Nicola de Waal (Subaru WRX) taking the top three places. As if setting the fastest times wasn’t enough, the winners from the skidpan event were treated to exclusive hot laps around the main circuit, driven by Groenewald.

The hillclimb event, which took place throughout the day, also brought Subaru performance and dynamics to the fore as the Zwartkops drive-in’s inclines, declines and corners proved to be a fun and challenging course, with the emphasis on cornering grip, speed and handling shining through. Wayne Hay again took the win for the day with a time of 1:26.07, with Chett Meyer (1:29.32) and Carl van Ass (1:29.36) following in second and third places respectively. The top three ladies posted times of 1:40.00 (Shantelle van der Schyff), 1:47.02 (Nadia Singh) and 1:51.01 (Nicola de Waal) respectively.

Drag races are part and parcel with owning a performance car and as such after lunch the back straight of the main circuit was converted into a 200-metre drag strip, allowing SOCSA members and owners to compete head to head for glory across the line. The fastest time of the day was set by Johnathan van Straaten (Subaru GT), followed closely by Sean Pretorius (Subaru STI). A culmination of the Subaru brand’s performance highlights – powerful Boxer™ engines, great handling and ultimate control thanks to Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive – was explored on the main track once the drags were settled, with even novice track drivers going round with peace of mind thanks to the availability of instructors.

SOCSA Chairperson Nadia Singh said she was truly pleased with the success of ScoobyFest 2012. “Every year this event grows in magnitude and the dedication and enthusiasm of our club members is second to none. It’s always great to see the guys and girls having fun, whether they’re blasting down the track, riding shotgun as a passenger or simply spectating. It is this undying passion for the Subaru brand which unites us and we are all part of a giant Subaru family.” Singh went on to thank the event’s sponsors – Subaru Southern Africa, Edenglen Tyre & Exhaust, Auto Sound Engineering, Pyro Performance and Phoenix Performance – without whom ScoobyFest would not have been possible.

With invaluable manufacturer support, Subaru Southern Africa took pride in their involvement with the club and the event. Said Ashley Lazarus, Marketing Manager at Subaru Southern Africa: “Being able to support the official Subaru Owners Club in South Africa is truly an honour and it was exciting to see just how much people love our brand – whether they own a Subaru or are just admiring fans. We thoroughly enjoyed ScoobyFest 2012 and look forward to continuing to support SOCSA into 2013. It’s great to be a part of their family.”

Having celebrated 20 years in South Africa in 2012, Lazarus concluded that ScoobyFest was a fantastic way to celebrate this milestone. “Twenty years in any respect is a major achievement and for a niche brand like Subaru, this achievement is testimony to the love and support we have received over the years from our loyal customers. As could be seen at ScoobyFest, they are passionate, enthusiastic and full of fun – traits which are mirrored in the Subaru brand.”