Tokyo – The Subaru Levorg has won the coveted 2014 Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). Following the 2013 award bestowed on the Subaru Forester and the 2012 awards for the Impreza and XV, this marks the 3rd consecutive year that Subaru has been honoured with the Good Design Award, which reflects JDP’s high praise for the Subaru design that fuses style and functionality.


The JPD comments: “True to its product concept as the fusion of sports car and wagon features, the Subaru Levorg has a dynamic form with fender blisters and a roof line which is sloped more sharply than the traditional wagon-style Legacy while maintaining the brand’s strengths of good visibility and a versatile cargo space. On the inside, Subaru has gone so far as to set up a special design team to complete finishing touches, where we can see the attention that they’ve given to details in the feel of materials and the sound quality of moving parts.

“With further advances made on the brand’s unique technologies such as the horizontally-opposed Boxer® engine and EyeSight™ driver assist system, the Subaru Levorg has been completed as a vehicle which ensures a secure, enjoyable driving experience.”