Subaru Levorg – Japan Tokyo Motor Show


Subaru Levorg – Japan Tokyo Motor Show

SUBARU LEVORG PROTOTYPE WORLD PREMIERE AT TOKYO MOTOR SHOW LEVORG: the culmination of Subaru engineering prowess as a sports tourer prototype New 1.6- and 2.0-litre Direct Injection Turbo Boxer® engines Brand new safety technology debuts Tokyo, November 20, 2013 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, unveiled the LEVORG prototype for […]


  • LEVORG: the culmination of Subaru engineering prowess as a sports tourer prototype
  • New 1.6- and 2.0-litre Direct Injection Turbo Boxer® engines
  • Brand new safety technology debuts

Subaru Levorg

Tokyo, November 20, 2013 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, unveiled the LEVORG prototype for the first time today at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. In developing automobiles, Subaru has always pursued optimal sports performance that amplifies the pleasure of driving. The new LEVORG sports tourer prototype is the fruit of Subaru’s commitment which not only offers driving enjoyment but also practical touring abilities which ensure a stress-free drive even over long distances. LEVORG is the embodiment of Subaru’s long-time achievements and symbolises the latest Subaru standards.

The goal in the development of LEVORG was to make every customer who owned this vehicle thoroughly satisfied with it. Over the years, Subaru has accumulated extensive knowledge on producing automobiles that inspire confidence while providing driving enjoyment and peace of mind. LEVORG has the power to make driving smooth and lively. However, it carries a low displacement engine that also allows excellent fuel efficiency. The horizontally-opposed direct injection turbo (DIT) Boxer® powertrain comes in two types – the newly-developed 1.6-litre DIT and the 2.0-litre DIT which give superb driving pleasure with their high output and torque. The biggest achievements with the two new engines are the gains in driving range and improved fuel economy while still providing a sporty, connected-to-the-road feeling between car and driver.


LEVORG features an exquisite and stylish sports tourer design while also realising abundant load capacity. Other attractions include its quality interior with finesse obvious even in the smallest areas, maximised utility, first-class driving comfort and an exhilarating and precise steering experience. It is equipped with third-generation EyeSight™ as well, all of these aspects contributing to a model that represents the future of Subaru and gains customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations. LEVORG production is scheduled to launch in autumn 2014 with pre-orders starting in January.

Product concept: sports tourer innovation

Subaru prides itself on its unique approach to the sports and touring performances of an automobile. Sports performance is linked to how much driving enjoyment the vehicle offers while touring performance is about a practical and comfortable driving experience even on long journeys. LEVORG has been developed to merge the two but with both at extremely high standards so that many of the qualities that are desired in a car become attainable. It innovates the whole concept of the sports tourer. The Subaru LEVORG is being introduced as the “real sport tourer”.

Subaru Levorg Tokyo Motor Show


High utility is expected of a touring vehicle as well as a comfortable passenger compartment for all occupants especially when going on long drives. LEVORG was built to fulfil those requests.

  • The compact body suits tight urban environments yet is spacious enough for a pleasant ride
  • Styling is sleek befitting a sports tourer but cargo space is functional and roomy, designed with the expertise gained from years of developing wagons.


A fusion of stylish and functional design was targeted in the designing of LEVORG to express an innovative sports tourer. The impression of the vehicle as a sports car is strong while it also possesses the smooth sporty feel of a wagon.

  • While maintaining ample cargo space, the end of the roof was kept low to realise the sleek silhouette from front to rear. Its chic but active appearance conveys the sports tourer’s performance potential.
  • The dynamic front design with a three-dimensional feel was made possible by employing a nose cone. It features the standard Subaru design motif and the hexagonal grille. The hawk eye headlights emphasise LEVORG’s energetic aura.
  • The body is available in two new colours “metallic blue grey steel” or “pearl crystal white”, neither colours being used in production before.
  • The texture and quality of materials on the inside were of great importance, as well as attention to detail, to give LEVORG’s interior an overall feel of high quality. LEVORG is equipped with advanced and useful functions all around.
    • Piano black finishes, metallic-toned accents and plated parts highlight the interior and create a rich environment.
    • The dials employ a twin-lens horizontal 3.5 inch full-colour liquid crystal display layout. The satin-plated rings with ice blue lighting emphasise a sharp, high-tech look.
    • LEVORG’s sportiness is portrayed in the D-shaped steering wheel that raises expectation for a fun driving experience.

Tokyo MotorShow Subaru


The two engine options available in LEVORG each have unique appeal which address the balance between driving enjoyment and environmental friendliness.

  • 1.6-litre Boxer® DIT petrol engine
    • The newly developed 1.6-litre horizontally-opposed Boxer® DIT engine offers both brisk driving pleasure and superb fuel economy (5.7-litres per 100 km, Japanese specifications).
    • Fuel efficiency was enhanced by Subaru’s first adoption of DIT and start/stop technology.
    • A full tank can keep LEVORG running for 1000km. The engine is fit for a sports tourer that can take passengers further in more comfort. It is also economical, suitable for regular unleaded petrol.
    • 2.0-litre Boxer® DIT petrol engine
      • A high output of 221 kW and a torque peak of 400 Nm at just 2 000 rpm are impressive performance figures, suitable for a high-grade sports tourer. Linked fuel economy is 7.6-litres per 100 km (Japanese specifications).


To match the two unique engines, Lineartronic™ CVT has been optimised and fitted to both engine derivatives. The smoothness of Lineartronic™ is of course evident but it also provides a fun and sporty drive linked to SI-DRIVE.

  • For the 1.6-litre DIT, lightweight and compact Lineartronic™ has been adopted. The two SI-DRIVE modes realise the best ratio for fuel efficiency and driving enjoyment.
  • The high power and torque output of the 2.0-litre DIT is matched Sport Lineartronic™ to endure the high performance model’s heightened driving and environmental performances.
  • SI-DRIVE has a Sport Sharp (S#) mode in which the driver can shift between eight simulated ‘gears’. By choosing the mode, the driver can directly feel both the smooth shifting action and extraordinary power delivery, sure to satisfy the desire for sporty driving.

Chassis and body

Sports tourers are expected to offer both sporty performance (for agile and fun driving) and quality driving comfort even on long journeys. These demands were met by enhancing rigidity in various parts of the chassis and body of LEVORG.

  • The electric power steering has been optimised and body and suspension rigidity enhanced to realise a direct and sporty steering with great responsiveness.
  • The small diameter D-shaped steering wheel with a thick grip improves manoeuvrability and grasp responsiveness.
  • Body and suspension stiffness were considerably refined to allow for high driving comfort. By realising a linear response to the road, LEVORG can make even long drives a pleasurable experience, thereby fulfilling its role as a sports tourer.

Tokyo Motor Show



The phrase “all-around safety” expresses Subaru’s safety philosophy. Subaru has improved performance of all safety factors on LEVORG, which includes the advancement of EyeSight. Safety equipment on the LEVORG includes:

  • Refined Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™ with advanced VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control)
  • Emergency stop signal
  • Seven airbags including a driver’s knee airbag
  • Impact-absorbing bonnet and front bulkhead for better pedestrian protection
  • EyeSight™ – Subaru’s advanced all-seeing camera system which integrates various electronic driver and safety aid systems
  • Pre-collision braking control
  • Adaptive cruise control with brake light recognition
  • Active lane keeping with lane keeping assistance and lane departure prevention assistance
  • Pre-collision reverse throttle management
  • Hazard avoidance assistance

LEVORG Prototype major specifications

Overall   Length ×   Width ×   Height (mm)


Wheelbase   (mm)


Curb   weight (kg)




1.6-litre   Boxer® DIT

2.0-litre   Boxer® DIT

Maximum   output (kW)



Maximum   torque (Nm)



Fuel   performance (ℓ/100   km)





Sport   Lineartronic™

Drive   train

Symmetrical   All-Wheel Drive™


front:   strut

rear:   double wishbone

Tyre   size



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