Coinciding with the debut of the new Forester, and all new Subaru Boxer Engine, the FB Engine, Subaru Southern Africa has launched a new brand message: “Confidence in Motion”.Subaru Logo

The adoption of this new slogan, which replaces “Whatacar” previously used in Southern Africa, is in keeping with global strategy announced by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

This is the first time that Subaru has a single global communication platform, which has been adopted all over the world.

“Confidence in Motion” conveys two key messages. First of all, there is the confidence associated with owning and driving the Subaru brand. This confidence comes as a result of the company’s engineering excellence and the numerous safety features of the cars (All-Wheel Drive and five-star safety ratings, for instance). “In Motion”, on the other hand, signifies the company’s ongoing drive to improve its product range – in terms of providing greater driving enjoyment, environmental benefits and technological enhancements.

The adoption of the new brand statement is in keeping with Subaru’s belief that cars are far more than just a means of transport. Au contraire, they are a source of enjoyment, and that enjoyment is only possible when coupled with peace of mind. As such, “Confidence in Motion” puts into words the company’s goal to continue evolving in order to help customers enrich their lives via captivating and enchanting motoring experiences.

From a practical point of view, the new slogan has meant the adoption of a new logo and a new corporate image in South Africa. It has also coincided with an overwhelmingly positive attitude – both at head office and at dealer network levels. It is expected that this can only impact positively on levels of customer satisfaction.