Stunning Laguna Coupe Concept Renault SA’s Johannesburg International Motor Show showstopper!

  • New Laguna Coupe Concept showcases raft of high-tech features clothed in a svelte and terminally sexy package
  • Renault confirms availability of the Laguna Coupe, based on the astonishingly beautiful concept car, in the local market next year

At this year’s Johannesburg International Motor Show, Renault SA debuts an impressive product onslaught of five new models entering the SA market in the next few months, targeting a wide variety of markets from entry-level to off-road crossover. But the brightest lights on the company’s stand are reserved for this breathtaking, showstopping beauty, the flowing Laguna Coupe Concept!

While expanding its budget-conscious range of options with the two new B0-platform products Sandero and Logan, Renault confirms its position as a manufacturer of high-style and deeply seductive automobiles for motoring enthusiasts and purveyors of pure art with the Laguna Coupe Concept. This unmistakably sporty, classically-proportioned and dramatically swooping coupe is a construction of pure automotive superstardom, drenched in high-fashion and dripping glamour and sophistication from every perfectly proportioned angle.

Exterior styling
It’s a feast of rich, sensuous elements from an aesthetic perspective, and as has come to be expected of the Renault brand brings a unique Gallic flair to the increasingly competitive segment of sports coupes. .

The Laguna Coupe Concepts powers of seduction begin with the low, exceptionally wide front grille which stretches almost the entire length of the front bumper itself. Behind this pouting snout comes a long, sculpted bonnet, with large fared-in headlights finishing off the aristocratic “face” of the Laguna Coupe Concept with a suitably, exquisitely haughty expression.

The bonnet flows gracefully into the substantial, steeply raked windscreen and along the flanks merges with the chiselled character line which defines a tautness to the front wheelarches and a muscularity to the rear haunches in one artistic swoop, its graceful flow over the unique scissor doors of this concept vehicle both powerful and sultry at once.

A pert rear aspect punctuated by slim, elegant light clusters themselves brightened up somewhat through the creative use of LEDs comes to a conclusion in a neatly executed Kamm tail, and on the whole the styling of the Laguna Coupe Concept is classic but bold, majestic yet contemporary. Sheetmetal this gorgeous was traditionally the preserve of the elite supercar realm, or at least a very few cult-status vehicles.

The company’s skilled stylists have successfully built a car which epitomises sporty flair merged with an unmistakable persona of sheer cool. Timeless aesthetic beauty executed in a modern, trendy paradigm, and nothing less.

Innovative drivetrain
But the Laguna Coupe Concept is more than just a pretty face. Befitting its supermodel looks, this vehicle has been fitted with all the Renault technology niceties available. For instance the Laguna Coupe Conept is the first Renault model to receive it’s own newly-developed, absolutely latest-tech V6 dCi diesel engine. This latest development in the rapidly evolving arena of diesel technology is more powerful, freer-revving, substantially more refined and even more fuel-efficient overall than any petrol motor of similar potency. In this Concept car, this new motor is good for 173kW and a thumping 450Nm!
For lovers of classic petrol power Renault has promised an updated version of the excellent 3.5-litre V6 which the market is already familiar with beneath the hood of Renaults Alliance partner Nissan’s indomitable 350Z sports car capable of a sub-7-second sprint from rest to 100km/h – a performance level perfectly in-line with the sporty, head-turning looks!

High-tech dynamics
Dynamically the Laguna Coupe Concept boasts the Renault Sport 4Control four-wheel steered chassis working in conjunction with an advanced active damping suspension system. This high-tech combination endows the Laguna Coupe Concept with handling characteristics as surreal as its hauntingly arresting exterior, and also contributes to overall road safety thanks to impeccable directional stability even under emergency braking conditions and astounding levels of asymmetric grip without compromising sheer refinement.

A shining jewel
The new Laguna Coupe Concept is, in short, a vehicle which is very worthy of being the jewel in Renault’s product crown.

The French as a nation have an enviable reputation in the amorous arts, and this passion and entrenched respect for all things sultry appear to have been captured and distilled into the svelte lines of this Laguna Coupe Concept. It’s muscular without being brash, sophisticated without being in any way boring, and treads that fine line between over the top and understated like few vehicles before it from any marque..

And possibly the best news of all regarding this stunning new Renault model, is that the production Laguna Coupe was approved in time for last month’s Paris Motor Show based on the sensational presence of this concept car, and will be entering the SA market during the latter half of 2009!

While the company expands its lower-end products for sustainability in these trying economic conditions, it’s refreshing to know that it has balanced these practical goals with a touch of traditional flair. The Laguna Coupe Concept is proof that Renault still sees a sound market for vehicles whose main purchasing decision will be purely emotive – a decision of the heart.