Carl Johan Almqvist addresses the audience...Zero accidents with Volvo products was the theme for a much-appreciated Safety seminar held in Abu Dhabi by Volvo Trucks in conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race stop-over last week. Invited by Volvo and its UAE exclusive importer FAMCO, participants from government, key customers and media shared the Volvo expertise on the subject of traffic safety, presented by Volvo Trucks Traffic and Product Safety Director, Carl Johan Almqvist.

The government of the United Arab Emirates and Volvo both has stretched goals when it comes to traffic safety. The government aims for a zero death rate on the Emirates’ roads by 2020 and Volvo is working in the same direction.

Indeed, ever since the start in 1927 Volvo has put safety first. For example, the company invented the three-point safety belt, which is now a safety invention serving the entire automotive industry. In the same determined spirit Volvo Group has continued to drive safety innovation within the commercial vehicle segment with the vision that no accidents should occur with any Volvo product.

“We should not accept any fatalities in traffic at all and our vision means that no Volvo truck is to be involved in a traffic accident”, says Carl Johan Almqvist.

Volvo Safety Seminar

Based on research carried out by Volvo Trucks’ Accident Research Team which has documented the cause and outcome of accidents involving trucks, Volvo Trucks has developed a wide range of safety features with the aim minimising the safety risk whilst driving or interacting with trucks in traffic. Carl Johan Almqvist emphasised that the safety belt is the safety feature saving the most lives and also described how Volvo Trucks’ Electronic Stability Program – stabilising truck trailers – can contribute to saving lives by avoiding roll-over accidents.

“Making more drivers and passengers use the belt is a good start when aiming for zero accidents”, says Carl Johan Almqvist. “The other is making drivers aware that attentiveness is crucial for safe driving. Research shows that the human factor is involved in 90 per cent of all accidents. For instance texting with your mobile phone whilst driving makes it 23 times more likely you will have an accident.”

 “We used Volvo Ocean Race as a golden opportunity to invite important stake holders”, says Paul Floyd, Managing Director of Famco. “Here we are able to reinforce our corporate value safety and at the same time offer them a bit of fun in the Volvo Ocean Race village. The safety issues presented here today was an eye-opener for many of our customers and gave some new valuable insights.”