Sticky street tyres and strip rubber now available from Mickey Thompson



The latest-generation Mickey Thompson competition tyres are in the process of being  unpacked at Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS), and are expected to give users a significant advantage on South Africa’s dragstrips.

Available exclusively through their Roodepoort motorsport mecca, the new Mickey Thompson ET Street R is positioned as a ‘drag tyre that can be driven on the street.’ And the ET Street S/S (for Street and Strip) is a street tyre which provides excellent traction at the strip. While neither is considered street-legal in South Africa, this tyre is approved by the USA’s Department Of Transport for use on public roads.

The Street R is designed for a wide range of vehicles and is offered in both radial and bias ply construction. The former use the special R2 compound (engineered specifically for a street-car application and requiring little burnout to reach maximum grip levels), combined with M/T’s Radial Pro technology to provide excellent traction. The bias-ply versions come with either M5 or X5 medium compound – the X5 a slightly cooler-running rubber mix. Irrespective of the hardness of the rubber or the type of construction, minimal tread void is the standout feature – as you’d expect from a tyre designed primarily with the strip in mind.

Street R radials are available locally in 15-, 17- and 18-inch diameters, and the bias in 15 and 16. Whatever you choose, the R is the perfect solution if you want a potent street car to hook up hard and fast off the line and give you consistent elapsed times.

The S/S is slightly different, with a more street-focussed design and a stiffer sidewall construction that minimises reaction time and – thanks to the same R2 compound as its racier stablemate – doesn’t require much of a burnout to get to optimum stickiness. Dry traction is maximised by the minimal tread void, with the advantage of a series of angled tread cuts to improve resistance to aquaplaning.

A wide range of sizes – all the way from a 235/60/15 up a 305/35/20 – highlights the broad appeal of the S/S, a tyre which’ll get you to the strip, reward your efforts with quick times, and then get you home again.

Pricing of the R starts from R3 940 for a 225/50/15 and the S/S in a 235/60/15 costs R4 090