Star Trek: the Original Series Now available Globally


    Today Google is celebrating the 46th Anniversary of the Star Trek Original Series. Unlike most Google Doodles this one has been long anticipated. Last year it were reported that Google wanted to launch a Star Trek Google Doodle but due to technical difficulties they were not able to launch the Star Trek Original Series Google Doodle globally. Star Trek fans will love the Google Doodle today and will be very excited to see it!

    Star Trek the original series

    Unlike most Google Doodle it looks like the “Star Trek: The Original Series” Google Doodle is available globally earlier than usually, and I cannot help to wonder if Google is making up for last year’s technical difficulties with the Star Trek Google Doodle. Usually the Google logo only changes by midnight and countries like New Zealand and Australia get to see the Google Doodle first, and Americans and Canadians have to wait until midnight before they get to see the doodle.

    The Star Trek Original Series Google doodle is made up by several animations, and one need to select items, objects and characters from the Star Trek movie in order to activate the various animations. The “Star Trek” Google Doodle shows a little of the original movie as one progress through the various animations. If you go through all the scenes you will be taken to the Google Search results for “Star Trek: The Original Series” where you will be able to read more about the movie and series.

    Star Trek Google Doodle

    In short you are either going to love or hate the Google Doodle, in our opinion Google have done a stunning job representing the Star Trek series in their own unique way!