St Patrick’s Day


    Today Google is celebrating St Patrick’s Day on the Irish Google search engine with the “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” Google Doodle. We here at 3D Car Shows were hoping that Google will place the St Patrick’s Day Google Doodle on the International Google Homepage as the St Patrick’s Day celebrations have become a day celebrated in almost all corners of the globe.

    St Patricks Day

    However if you still want to see the Google Doodle today, you will need to head over to the search site, where the St Patrick’s Day Google will be until midnight tonight Ireland time. As usual we have added the logo onto our page should you wish to see the Google St Patrick’s Day doodle without going to the site or if you have missed the Google Doodle.

    We have also published an article about

    St. Patrick ’s Day

    earlier today if you want to read more about the Irish St Patrick’s day tradition.

    About St. Patrick’s Day

    St Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland when St. Patrick introduced Christianity into Ireland. According to legend at the time before Christianity were practised in Ireland. There were a lot of snakes in Ireland. In short St. Patrick got rid of the snakes in Ireland and were allowed to talk to people about Christianity and thus introduced the Christian Religion in Ireland.

    Since then St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated yearly in Ireland on the 17th of March each year. St Patrick’s Day also end’s the lent fasting period for the Irish. Traditionally it is also known as a night of drinking Guinness in Ireland. In other parts of the world St. Patrick’s day is not celebrated because Christianity were came to Ireland but rather as an opportunity to consume large amounts of Guinness.

    To everyone celebrating St. Patrick’s Day we here at 3D Car Shows would like to wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!