Spring Tyre Safety Advice from Mytyres.Co.Uk


Spring flowers are appearing in parts of the UK and so thoughts are beginning to turn to the prospect of warmer weather and possibly longer and more frequent car journeys. mtyres.co.uk, part of Europe’s leading online tyre retailer Delticom, is offering motorists some practical road safety advice related to the tyres on their vehicles.

The incentive to check tyres in the cold and dark winter months may well have led to these crucial components being time expired and in need of replacement.

Mytyres.co.uk is offering the following simple five-point safety check:

Firstly, ensure that all tyres have at least 3.00mm of tread depth for maximum safety – the law requires a minimum of 1.6mm of tread on all running tyres. However, experts recommend more tread depth for greater safety. A simple tip from mytyres.co.uk to drivers who do not have a tread depth gauge handy is to look for the three letters TWI, or a similar indication with the same meaning, such as an arrow, which appear on the tyre’s sidewall. The letters stand for Tread Wear Indicators (as well as the arrow) and adjacent to those letters are raised areas at the base of the tread grooves, set at 1.6mm. This indication serves as a visual warning of when the tyre is approaching or at the minimum legal limit.

Secondly, check and adjust if necessary tyre pressures against the manufacturer’s handbook recommendations. Incorrect tyre pressures increase wear and use more fuel and increase CO2 emissions.

Thirdly, check for uneven wear or other damage which can be caused by tyres/wheels being out of alignment following hitting a kerb or a pothole in the road. It is recommended that if in doubt motorists should consult an expert at a garage or tyre fitting station.

Fourthly, clean dirt from around the tyre valve and fit dust caps. And check for any sidewall damage, cuts or bulges, again if in doubt about any possible damage drivers should check with an expert.

And finally, if whilst driving the driver experiences vibration, wheel wobble or discovers adverse signs of wear, front tyres should be checked for balance.

Should replacement tyres be required, a wide range of quality tyres – in excess of 100 brands and 25,000 different models