Spring Equinox and Autumn Equinox Google Doodles


Today March 20, 2014 Google used its Doodle space to announce the Spring Equinox on its Northern Hemisphere search engine homepages and the autumn equinox google doodle on its Southern Hemisphere search pages. The phenomenon is also known as the March Equinox and “Spring Equinox” is called Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and “Autumnal Equinox” in the Southern Hemisphere.



The equinox can be as early as March 19 or as late as March 22, the precise time being about 5 hours 49 minutes later in a common year, and about 18 hours 11 minutes earlier in a leap year, than in the previous year. It is the balance of common years and leap years that keeps the calendar date of the equinox from drifting more than a day from March 20 each year.

The Spring Equinox Google Doodle


The Spring Equinox Google Doodle is a quick animation, showing an animation character watering some plants and trees, and then the plants and trees start to grow, symbolizing spring, life and growth.


The Autumn Equinox Google Doodle


The Autumn Equinox Google showcase a similar animation as the Spring Equinox Google Doodle. In the Autumn Equinox Google Doodle, the trees leaves start to turn orange until all the leaves fall from the trees, symbolizing the period before winter.