Like most teenage boys in 1969, Hywell Rigby of Surrey was totally absorbed by the Apollo Mission to become the first Man on the Moon and ever since he’s harboured a dream to fly into space.

Peugeot Space Flight

More than 40 years later his dream was about to become a reality until he realised his wife of 30 years couldn’t bear the thought of him blasting off on a journey into the unknown.

Hywell, now in his mid fifties, had won a sub orbital space flight as first prize in the Peugeot Spot 3008 national competition, one of more than 14,000 entrants whose imagination had been captured by the prospect of looking down over planet Earth and becoming one of a very select band of humans to witness a sunrise from the edge of space.

But out of respect for his wife, who has a fear of all things flying and harboured doubts over him returning to terra firma in one piece, he has decided to leave his dream as a dream and take the £30,000 alternative cash prize instead.

“The opportunity to win a space flight immediately captured my imagination so it is with massive regret I pass up this opportunity,” said Hywell.

“My wife means the world to me and the last thing I would want is to cause her worry.  The cash prize will enable us to re-decorate our home, have a nice holiday and even buy a new car. These are all things that benefit both of us, but I’m afraid it’s a triumph of pragmatism over dreams,” he added.