South African Election Day 2014


    South African Election Day

    South African Election Day

    Google have just announced officially that it is “South African Election Day” 2014 with their Google Doodle on the South African search engine homepage. Today May 7, 2014 millions of South Africans over the age of 18 will vote in the South African Elections 2014. This year is a very special year in South African Election Day history. Today is the 20th year of Democracy in South Africa.

    The site is hardly a political site, and I do not want to go to much into politics. I am however a South African Citizen and will do my part tomorrow by casting my vote. I hope that if you live in South Africa you will do the same.

    Yesterday I made a post speculating about if Google is going to have a South African Election Day Google Doodle and I am happy to report that they have.

    An Edwin Spiessens made the following comment on the article and said “I unfortunately do not have South African citizenship yet, although I’m here nearly 12 years, and I so wish I could cast my vote. I believe that anyone who does NOT go, HAS NO right to complain about anything with regard to how the Government is doing, for the duration of the whole next term.” I believe it sums it up pretty well.

    If you want to complain about the current government and you do not do your part by going to the voting station and vote, you have no legs to stand on and no reason to complain!

    If you are a South African take the Google Doodle South African Election Day Doodle, as a reminder that your vote counts, go out and do your part. Cast your vote in the Democratic Election and do your part!

    South African Election Day Google Doodle

    Today’s South African Election Day Google doodle, is for me personally a wake-up call to go out and cast my vote. I believe it will remind millions of South Africans today that they should go out and vote, and I think it is super cool of Google to have done the South African Election Day doodle. The doodle show a ballet box dressed in the South African Flag colors and show the cross on the ballet paper which adds a nice touch to the day.

    I however noticed that the ballet paper is spoiled and not sure if Google did it intentionally or if it was made by mistake or ignorance. According to the IEC rules, your cross are not allowed to go over the edges of the block otherwise your vote will be spoiled!

    Happy Voting South Africa, and may the legacy of Nelson Mandela live in the hearts of all today, may today’s voting be peaceful and with purpose!

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