Père Noël has put in an early appearance at local Citroën dealerships and in the spirit of giving, associated with this time of year, he will take care of the VAT portion of the original recommended retail price when purchasing any new Citroën.

In other words, Citroën will effectively be giving the taxman’s portion directly to the customer. Not only will customers be getting a welcome tax break in these tough times, but he’ll also let them drive away in their new purchase without having to put a cent down as deposit, making it easier than ever to own a new Citroën.

But Père Noël isn’t a new ex-pat just arrived in sunny South Africa kicking off his sojourn by slashing prices: his name is a direct translation for a large of girth, ruddy-faced fellow in a red suit traditionally associated with Christmas. In fact, he is Father Christmas and for the month of December he’s the key to owning any one of a range of fine new Citroëns – from the C1 to the C5 and everything in between, not to mention our Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay vans and sexy DS3 and DS4 sports hatches – at a very festive price.

 “Some motorists know him as Santa Claus, Swiety Mikola (in Polish), Babbo Natale (in Italian), Agios Vassilios (in Greek) or just plain old Father Christmas, he’ll make visiting any one of Citroën’s 15 dealerships before the end of the year a joyous occasion. For those who take advantage of the offer, it has all the makings of a happy new year.”

*As per government regulations normal VAT at 14% will still be payable on the purchase of any vehicle and will be calculated on the net “Tax Break” price after the original VAT portion has been deducted.