South Africa Idol Dave Drives away in his personalized Fiesta 1.6 Sport

Ford Idols 2011 Winner

  • Idols winner 2011, Dave van Vuuren drove away in his personalised designed Fiesta 1.6 Sport last night
  • Mike Jan-van Vuuren won the viewers competition and will be receiving runner up Mark Haze’s personally designed Fiesta 1.6 Sport

Ford Idols

Johannesburg, Wednesday 5 October – Last night, Ford South Africa saw off ecstatic South African Idol winner, Dave van Vuuren as he took to the road in his brand new personally designed Fiesta 1.6 Sport after the nail biting finale of the hit reality TV show.

Ford Idols 2011

A few months ago, the top nine aspiring Idols designed their ideal Fiesta exterior, and Ford applied both Dave and Mark’s designs to the cars earlier this week. Last night, Dave finally got to drive off in his eye-catching creation, with Mark’s designed Fiesta going to the winner of the Idols viewer competition, Mike Jan-van Vuuren.

“Idols South Africa, has been a great experience and I am so excited about winning the Fiesta 1.6 Sport, which is the cherry on top of a fantastic – but exhausting – few months.

Ford Idols 2011 Winner

I chose to design my car with a third eye and lyrics of the very first song I wrote. This symbolizes that my heart and mind is connected with my music. I just want to thank Ford for being part of this huge opportunity and giving me such a cool car to drive. You will definitely see me on the roads rocking my Fiesta,” says Idols winner Dave van Vuuren.

This is the second year that Ford has been a major sponsor of Idols South Africa. “We had such fun with the contestants this year,” commented Dean Stoneley, Ford’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “From designing the exterior of the Fiestas to asking the Idols to put the car through the ultimate road test, we’ve really enjoyed getting to know the contestants and congratulate Dave for the big win.

We wish him all the best for the future and will be keeping a close eye – and ear – on his career.”

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