South Africa Freedom Day 2013 Google Doodle


Today on the 27th of April, 2013 South Africa is celebrating their 19th Democratic Freedom Day. Today exactly 19 years ago millions of South Africans voted for the first time. Google Today announced the holiday with a “South Africa Freedom Day” Google Doodle on the South African Search Engine Homepage. You can see the Google Doodle on

on the 27th of April, after which it would be archived in the Google Doodle Library.

South Africa Freedom Day

“South Africa Freedom Day Google Doodle 2013”

Today Google Marked “South Africa Freedom Day” for the second time. In 2011 they have done the same.

South Africa Freedom Day 2011

“Google Doodle South Africa Freedom Day 2011”

South Africa Freedom Day saw millions of people with a valid South African ID Document vote for the first time on the 27th of April 1994. The day will be forever marked in history as the day apartheid ended in the eyes of the world.

About the South Africa Freedom Day Google Doodle

South Africa’s bead art plays an important role in the traditional societies of South African people like the amaZulu, amaXhosa, baSotho, baVenda and amaNdebele. Today, the colorful designs have found their way to the roadside stalls, markets and shops, where gifted craftspeople sell decorative beaded artifacts and jewelry. In today’s Google Doodle you can see a simple example of these traditional beadwork.

For many years beadwork have been used to tell a story, and in today’s Google Doodle you can see the story of South Africa Freedom Day and democracy in the art work.