South Africa Elections 2014


    South Africa Elections 2014


    Tomorrow May 7, 2014 millions of South African’s will go to the election polls to cast their votes. This will be the 20th year since the country became completely democratic and a milestone in South African History. Today some of the first born-free (those who were born and raised in a democratic society) will celebrate their 20th birthday.

    Many people have been critical of the ANC government and have anxiously awaited the Twentieth Democratic year, to measure how the ANC Government have performed over the past 20 years and Today’s elections will reflect on their performance with the voters being able to say with their votes if they think that the ANC government did a good job or not!

    It will also be interesting to see if Google is going to have a Google Doodle for the “South Africa Elections 2014” to remind South African about the South Africa Elections 2014 elections encourage them to go and vote.

    The Google Elections Doodles have become something Google frequently does across the globe and in many countries on their election days to remind people to go and vote. To date Google has not yet had a South African Elections day doodle for South Africa, however they did remember “Freedom Day” earlier this year with their South Africa Freedom Day Doodle.


    I suspect that we will have a South Africa Election Day 2014 Google this year, and with only hours away until it is officially elections day we will just have to wait and see…

    May all South Africans have a peaceful day today, and may you cast your votes in “The Nelson Mandela Spirit” of doing things! Happy Voting South Africa

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