Soccer Google Olympic Game


    Since Google have launched their first Google Olympics Game 4 days ago, the internet has been buzzing about these games. The Google Olympic Games have brought a new fire to the Olympics allowing people to compete with another via the Google Olympic Games doodles. Today Google have launched the 4th Google Olympic Game: “Soccer”.


    In the “Soccer” game you need to block as many goals as you can. The game does not have a time limited only one opponent that keep’s on kicking the soccer ball until he has scored 3 goals. In the Soccer Google Olympics Game you can also use your mouse to play the game.

    How to play the Soccer Google Doodle game

    To play the game you need to click on the play button. The game will start and your opponent will start kicking soccer balls at the goals. You need to block these goals, by moving your goalie in front of the soccer ball. Your opponent can kick two types of balls, one low over the ground and the other an air ball. To block an air ball you need to jump and block it with your goalie.

    Although the soccer game is not of the highest quality it creates a perfect theme for the “London 2012 Soccer” games currently being played at the London 2012 Olympics.

    These simple Google Olympic Games we have seen over the past few days are actually brilliant. It is not the highest quality games, but allowing people to interact with the doodle in the format of the game, Google are currently promoting is brilliant!

    I suspect that Google have raised the bar when it comes to Google Doodles, and the Google Olympic Games will likely be the first of many more interactive Google Doodle games.