– 45% of adults list traffic jams as one of the top gripes of Christmas

    Cliff Richard, getting drunk and driving to the in-laws are among the things Britons HATE most about Christmas, according to new figures. So too are the traffic jams on the way to the shops, having to put up with office parties and having to write so many cards, said the study by satnav giant TomTom.

    Worst of all is what’s on the box, because the diet of repeats served up on TV gets on the nerves of 50 per cent of adults. That just pips the 45 per cent who are fed up of sitting in Christmas traffic jams, it added.

    It may be the season to be jolly but there are aspects of Christmas that become annual annoyances to a vast number of the population, said TomTom. And the time in the car is high among them, particularly with all the driving to out of town shopping centres, relatives and friends over the period.

    Nearly two in three (63 per cent) spend five hours or more in the car over the festive break and 65 per cent drive up to 50 miles or more during that time.

    Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that one in four adults (24 per cent) say they argue in the car at this time of year, mostly about directions.

    But having the radio on is little comfort particularly if it’s blaring out yet another familiar Christmas song. While 49 per cent of those asked think Cliff’s Millennium Prayer is most likely to get on people’s nerves, many also get irritated by yet another airing of Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody.

    Other annual gripes include putting on a happy face when opening a boring gift with 68 per cent claiming they have pretended to like something when they hated it.

    “We think of Christmas as a happy and fun event and it is…mostly! But let’s face it, there are aspects that do not add to the general goodwill, and one of those is being stuck in traffic jams,” a spokesman for TomTom said.

    “We can’t do much about too many repeats on TV or Cliff Richard on the radio – but we can help those who want to avoid the worst of the Christmas traffic.”

    The Things We Hate About Christmas: 

    Too many TV repeats – 50%

    Cliff Richard’s Millennium Prayer – 49%

    Christmas traffic jams – 45%

    Shopping – 33%

    Relentless festive music – 32%

    Doing Xmas cards – 24%

    Eating/drinking too much – 21%

    Drunken office parties – 20%

    Realising you need to diet in Jan – 19%

    Driving to the in-laws – 17%

    Stupid jumpers – 17%

    Spending too much time with family – 16%