Emergency medics in Leeds have chosen the ŠKODA Superb Estate to aid their vital work in ferrying human organs for transplant around North Yorkshire.

What’s more, the practical and versatile load-lugger has proved such a hit with staff that two doctors bought one each for themselves!

ŠKODA Superb Estate A Leeds Life-Saver

Two examples of the ŠKODA Superb Estate are in service with the Medical Transfer Ambulance Service (MTAS) in Leeds. They’re in constant use, earning their keep in a high-pressure environment where a quick response can literally save lives. The pair could be racing to any hospital in the region at a moment’s notice so must be reliable in all weathers.

Barry Hamblin, MTAS Cardiac Responder, explained: “We need the very best vehicle to help us transport organs safely and in the shortest possible time. This car really is Superb; it’s extremely reliable, a pleasure to drive and has become a crucial member of the team.”

Having used a variety of vehicles from other manufacturers over the years, the Leeds team chose two ŠKODA Superb Estate 3.6-litre FSI V6 models for their fleet. Each is equipped with four-wheel drive transmission for safe and predictable handling on all terrains.

Hamblin continued: “The earlier the transplant, the better the success rate, so time is always of the essence. Take a heart transplant; we have a transfer window of just two hours before the organ becomes unviable. The ŠKODA Superb Estate is helping us to knock time our journeys – it’s fit for purpose and helping us save lives.”

In fact, two of the Leeds MTAS team were so impressed with the ŠKODA Superb Estate’s attributes they each put their money where their mouth is and bought one!

Martin Burke, Head of Fleet at ŠKODA UK, said there was no finer recommendation than that. He added: “It’s really pleasing to hear such positive feedback. Our cars are ideal for use by the emergency services as they’re safe, extremely reliable and have great build quality. We believe the MTAS in Leeds has made a smart choice with the Superb and we’re delighted the service has chosen to invest in ŠKODA.”