Skoda Repeats Double-Digit Growth in February

  • ŠKODA sales up 13.1 per cent to 72,100 cars
  • World market share grows to almost 1.5 per cent
  • Advances in all sales regions, with especially strong growth in Europe, China and India
  • ŠKODA UK sales up 13 per cent, market share grows to 2.8 per cent

SKODA model range

Mladá Boleslav, March 13th, 2012 – ŠKODA is continuing its double-digit growth in 2012. In February alone, worldwide sales grew by 13.1 per cent to reach more than 72,100 unit. The brand’s world market share is thus slightly below 1.5 per cent. Sales advanced in all regions, with an especially strong growth posted in Europe, India and China. In Switzerland, ŠKODA is now the number two selling brand. The Geneva Auto Salon saw the new Citigo debut as a five-door version.

“Our repeat double-digit growth in February 2012 confirms ŠKODA sustained growth path,” says Jürgen Stackmann, Škoda board member for sales and marketing. “We are continuing a high rate of growth and are wholly on the course of our 2018 Growth strategy. In the first two months of this year, we have shown an excellent performance both in absolute and relative sales figures,” Stackmann added. “In this context, it is important to note that the overall sales climate in Europe has cooled noticeably this year.”

“2012 has begun briskly. A good January was followed by an excellent February. In all this amounts to 147,500 ŠKODA cars, that’s an increase of about twelve per cent in the first two months of this year,” Stackmann went on. “Our model offensive is in full swing. The ŠKODA Citigo has made its debut in Geneva and will soon be introduced to major European markets.” The new subcompact is to be the brand’s entry for new target groups. ŠKODA has just introduced it as a five-door version at the Geneva Auto Salon.

In February 2012, ŠKODA’s sales in Western Europe’s strongly contested markets proved very stable. While total deliveries there were down more than eleven per cent, ŠKODA’s sales rose 0.8 per cent to 27,700 units (February 2011: 27,500 units). ŠKODA thus increased its market share in Western Europe yet again – from 2.85 per cent in February 2011 to about 3.2 percent in February 2012.

ŠKODA UK also continues to grow, with 2012 year-to-date sales of over 5,370, an increase of 13 per cent in the first two months of 2012 compared to 2011. The growth in market share continues from 2.5 per cent in 2011 to 2.8 per cent YTD.

Sales in Switzerland were especially dynamic (plus 24 per cent/1,500 cars), with ŠKODA now the number two selling brand behind VW. In France (plus 15.9 per cent/1,800 cars) and in Finland (plus 19 per cent/about 1,000 cars) ŠKODA also posted double-digit growth. In Germany, Europe’s largest car market, ŠKODA continued its successful run, with sales growing by 8.6 percent year-on-year in February to almost 9,900 cars. In Austria, sales were up 8.5 per cent to close to 1,700 units. In February, the brand’s bestselling models in Western Europe were the ŠKODA Octavia and the ŠKODA Fabia, but demand for the ŠKODA Yeti and ŠKODA Roomster also rose considerably – by 12.1 percent and 6.4 per cent, respectively.

ŠKODA posted strong growth in Central Europe as well. Sales rose by 7.7 per cent to almost 11,000 cars. In the Czech Republic, the brand’s home market, ŠKODA sales were stable in February at almost 4,800 cars. In Croatia, sales were up 22.0 per cent, in Poland up 21.1 percent and up 17.4 per cent in Slovenia. The ŠKODA Yeti (plus 26.9 per cent) and the ŠKODA Roomster (plus 17.2 per cent) proved especially popular in Central Europe.

ŠKODA again scored strong percentage growth in Eastern Europe, with more than 8,900 deliveries in February translating into an increase of 30.9 per cent against February 2011, which saw 6,800 units delivered. Russia remained the region’s growth engine by far: at more than 6,300 deliveries, sales rose 39 per cent against February 2011. The ŠKODA Octavia was the brand’s most popular make yet again in February 2012, posting 3,500 deliveries (plus 37.3 per cent). The ŠKODA Yeti (plus 132.4 per cent), ŠKODA Roomster (plus 132,7 per cent) and ŠKODA Superb (plus 72,5 per cent) showed exceptional growth in Russia.

ŠKODA posted above-average growth in other major growth markets: in China the brand sold about 17,100 cars in February 2012, advancing 19 per cent year-on-year. At plus 40.9 per cent and plus 27.7 per cent respectively, ŠKODA Fabia and Octavia were especially popular in China.

The brand proved even more dynamic in India, with ŠKODA selling more than 3,500 cars on the subcontinent in February. This is equivalent to a 48.6 per cent growth as against February 2011. ŠKODA’s new Rapid compact saloon accounted for more than half of sales in India. The Rapid has been designed especially with Indian customers’ needs in mind and has central importance for the brand’s growth strategy on the Indian market.

Other foreign markets also posted strong growth: Sales in Egypt were up more than 500 per cent year-on-year to almost 700 ŠKODA cars. At 138.2 per cent, the brand’s advance in Australia was also outstanding.

ŠKODA deliveries to customers in February 2012 (in units; +/- in per cent year-on-year):

ŠKODA Octavia (33,300; +17.2 %) ŠKODA Fabia (19,800; +2.6 %) ŠKODA Superb (7,500; -12.5 %) ŠKODA Yeti (6,200; +29.2 %) ŠKODA Roomster (2,900; +8.6 %) ŠKODA Rapid (sold in India only: 2,000; new model, no comparative figure available) ŠKODA Citigo (sold in Czech Republic only: 400; new model, no comparative figure available)