• October sales grew by 11.3 percent
  • Growth over first ten months of 2011 reached 16.2 percent
  • ŠKODA has already shipped 741,800 vehicles in 2011
  • ŠKODA UK sales up 9%

Mladá Boleslav, November 10, 2011 – In the fourth quarter, ŠKODA continued to grow, with sales in October rising by 11.3 percent to 77,000 vehicles (compared to 69,200 in October 2010).


At the same time, ŠKODA saw its market share in all regions increase. Over the period from January-October, the company sold a total of 741,800 cars, 16.2 percent more year-on-year (638,200 vehicles). ŠKODA recorded high growth rates in Russia, India and China. In October, ŠKODA’s sales in Russia reached the highest monthly levels ever, and the same success was seen in Norway.

“Despite differences in growth rates across the regions, ŠKODA heads steadfast toward its 2011 targets,” said Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Directors responsible for Sales and Marketing. “After ten months, we are already close to matching our 2010 sales total, and this year, for the first time in our history, we will sell more than 800,000 vehicles.

“Moreover, in the last two months of the year we are going to accelerate even more: with the Rapid in India and the CITIGO in the Czech Republic, the first representatives of our model offensive are going to the start line in the upcoming weeks. The new models will add to our final finish this year and give us the required drive for a good start in 2012.”

In October, ŠKODA UK sold 2,721. Year-to-date, ŠKODA UK retailers have sold over 39,000 cars compared to 36,180 this time last year, an increase of 9%.

In the CzechRepublic, ŠKODA sold 5,100 cars in October, up by 0.6 percent year on year. The manufacturer expects a significant sales boost in its home market from its new CITIGO mini car, which will be launched in the Czech Republic in late November.

The CITIGO is ŠKODA’s first entry in the strongly growing mini-car segment. “The CITIGO will win and thrill many customers for ŠKODA just in Europe,” said Stackmann.

Together with the new Rapid compact sedan model launched in India a few weeks ago, the youngest ŠKODA model sets the pace for a model offensive by which the Czech car manufacturer intends to bring its worldwide unit sales to at least 1.5 million cars a year by 2018. In the upcoming two or three years, ŠKODA will introduce a new model to the market on average every six months.

ŠKODA also is developing its positions in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The sales in this region increased by 20.4 percent to 21,100 cars in total. In Croatia, ŠKODA’s sales have doubled so far this year. In the Ukraine, the sales growth reached 51.0 percent, in Slovenia by 9.5 percent.

ŠKODA also recorded a renewed growth inWestern Europe in October. Going against the tide of an overall sluggish market, its sales went up by 2.8 percent to 29,200 cars. In Norway, the manufacturer saw a new monthly sales record with 700 units. In Switzerland, the sales went up by nearly a quarter, in France by 23 percent, in Belgium by 21.5 percent, and in Finland by 17 percent.

In the fast-growing regions of Russia, India and China, ŠKODA grew significantly faster than the respective markets. In Russia, ŠKODA shipped 7,000 cars in October, up 88.3 percent, which is the best monthly sales figure in the company’s history.

In India, where the entire market slowed down by 20.4 percent overall in October, ŠKODA increased its monthly sales by 36.7 percent to 2,300 cars. In China, ŠKODA grew significantly better than the market, having delivered 20,900 cars to its customers (+14 percent).

Outside Europe, the manufacturer’s market positions continued to improve too. In Australia, ŠKODA’s October sales more than doubled, growing at a rate of 133.9 percent.

Cars shipped to customers in October 2011 (ŠKODA’s model shipments compared to October 2010):

Octavia (33,600 units/plus 10.6 percent), Fabia (23,000 units/plus 12.6 percent), Superb (9,900 units/plus 10.1 percent), Yeti (6,300 units/plus 32.1 percent), Roomster (3,000 units/plus 20.7 percent).