Simon Pavey finish Dakar 2013 Rally


The final day of  Dakar 2013 delivers Simon safely to the finish to collect his 7th Finishers Medal.

Dakar 2013 Rally

Stage fourteen was set to be nothing more than a formality as the race is all but done.   And so it proved for the majority of racers including Simon Pavey.  The special stage was short and in two stages providing great spectator viewing close to Santiago, but for most the real racing was already done.

With the end in now firmly in sight and the bike continuing to perform faultlessly now was not the time for heroics and Simon eased into the finish coming in 58th on the stage and maintaining his excellent 59th position overall.

Simon Pavey – “At first we thought it was going to be a really long day today, with 400km of special.  However the special was split into two sections and about 130km of racing time.   I kept focussed right to the end.  The last day is not a time for heroics, but it is also not a time to relax.  This is the Dakar and there can always be surprises in store.   In the end the day all went to plan and I am delighted to be here in Santiago

Simon Pavey

I want to take this chance to thank all the team that helped get me here.  Our Team Sponsors from Delta Kunststoffe and Husqvarna UK and every-one else who has supported the team and got us to the podium in Santiago.  Special thanks obviously to the team here on the ground who have experienced Dakar 2013 with me; Evan Davies, Paul Green and of course Don Hatton my co-rider.   And thanks to all the fans on Facebook and Twitter; your support makes a real difference”