Ever since the days that discs replaced drums, brake dust has been the bane of every proud motorist who believes that a good car cleaning regime begins from the ground up.

Armor All Shield for Wheels

Adhering to the old adage that prevention is better than cure, Armor All has launched its unique, patented wheel protection formula, Shield for Wheels.

Brim-full with the latest polymer technologies, Shield for Wheels creates a tough, long-lasting barrier against brake dust, road dirt and grime, while making future cleaning far quicker, easier and more effective.

With traditional wheel cleaners requiring a hefty dose of elbow grease and frequent application to remove corrosive brake lining deposits from precious alloys, Armor All’s new alloy ally is applied to clean, dry wheels and left to form a non-stick barrier, with the resulting protective coating out-protecting, out-performing and out-shining existing wheel protectants and waxes.

Designed to ‘lock in’ the wheel’s condition at the time of application, Shield for Wheels is equally effective on new and old finishes alike, with the barrier typically lasting up to four weeks, meaning wheels only need be rinsed clean during that time.

Now available at Halfords stores and independent motoring accessary shops nationwide, Armor All Shield for Wheels has an RRP of £9.99.  Demonstrating its total confidence in the new product, Armor All is offering a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ in the event of less than 100% Satisfaction by consumers.