Shanghai Auto Show: Peugeot in China



Peugeot Onyx Concept

  • Peugeot sales growth in China rises by 31%
  • New Roland Garros special models launched for the Chinese market
  • Distinctive Onyx Concept car and innovative HYbrid Air on display in China

Peugeot is showing its most modern and extensive range in its history in China, with an alluring range including Roland Garros models, the Onyx Concept car and products that illustrate technological expertise with the innovative Peugeot Hybrid Air.

Unprecedented sales growth

The Shanghai Auto Show takes place at a time when Peugeot’s sales in China are growing particularly strongly. During the first quarter of 2013, Peugeot sold more than 72,000 cars, with an increase of 31% compared to the first quarter of 2012, in a market up 18% in the same period, establishing a new historic record in China.

An extended range backed by the e-power strategy

Peugeot Shanghai Auto Show

With the 308 four-door Saloon, the 408, the 508 and the new 3008, launched in January 2013, Peugeot now has the most modern and the widest range ever offered in the Middle Kingdom. This modern range of vehicles produced in China is complemented by further imported models that have been very successful in the country, with a tripling of sales since the start of the year, carried by the success of the 4008 SUV and the RCZ Sports Coupé.

At the end of the year, the new Peugeot 301, presented as a preview in Shanghai, will be added to the extensive Peugeot range in the very strategic M segment, which represents more than 50% of the Chinese market.

The 301 delivers the Peugeot marque’s promise by having a high level of quality, the distinctiveness of refined design and a stimulating and rewarding driving experience, following the example of every Peugeot, whatever its level in the range.

In China, the range is now strengthened by the ‘e-power’ strategy introduced last year. ‘E-power’ is the complete renewal of the engine range, with the new 1.6 CVVT engines and of course the new 160bhp 1.6-litre THP engine, recognised as the best engine in the world in its category. This is followed with new 1.2-litre THP, 1.8-litre CVVT and 1.8-litre THP engines that will join the range, further enhancing the choices for Chinese customers.

The Peugeot marque is also presenting a technological breakthrough with HYbrid Air, an original drive train associating petrol and compressed air in a full-hybrid solution. This technology, intended for large scale production is affordable, simple and robust, allowing Peugeot to aim for fuel consumption of 2 litres/100km and CO2 emissions of just 49g/km.

All of the vehicles presented at the Shanghai Auto Show are core models in the marque’s range and contribute towards the continuous development of the dealer network, which will attain 400 4S dealerships, covering 80% of the Chinese territory, by the end of the year.

Roland Garros range: a winning partnership exported to China

A partner at the Roland Garros French International for over a quarter of a century, Peugeot is now exporting this prestigious partnership, which embodies the marque’s values of sporting excellence, allure and emotion, to China.

The distinctive red clay of the centre court at Roland Garros French tennis tournament is a key element reflected in special models for Chinese customers on the 508, 3008 and specially imported 308 CC and 207 CC.

Onyx: the inspiration, the dream brought to China

Sculpted with core materials, this supercar has been created by passionate designers that have drawn their inspiration from the world of competition. With its V8 engine mid-mounted, Onyx propels it admirers into a world of high performance. Over and above its astonishing aesthetics, it explores the use of new materials, in their natural state, to go even further in the search for efficiency.

The passion for innovation has never ceased finding expression in Peugeot’s 203-year history – it is one of the most established automobile marques.  With a radical body style … it has an intense feeling that comes from the first time you see it. The sharply honed bodywork highlights the striking contrast of its materials and colours. Worked by hand by a master craftsman, the wings and doors are made from a sheet of pure copper.

Polished to a mirror finish, this metal relies on no covering or coating for its protection. So it will change its appearance over time, acquiring the patina of age. So Onyx is alive! The other panels of the bodywork are made of carbon fibre, painted in matt black.