• Carbon footprint per hide reduced by 46%
  • Waste to landfill reduced by more than 60%
  • £1.3 million ultra-filtration plant installed for reduced impact to aquatic environment
  • Group-wide accreditation to ISO50001:2011 Energy Management System
  • Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Award 2012

Bridge of Weir, Scotland, 3 August 2012 – The Scottish Leather Group has published its environmental report for the year ending 31 March 2012, outlining the Group’s successes and ‘zero waste strategy’ in the manufacture of Low Carbon Leather.

Signposting seven key areas of environmental performance development over the last 12 months, the report is available at, and covers the Group’s standard setting approach to supply chains, corporate responsibility, uses of energy, water, renewable energy and waste.

Concern for the environment is integral and fundamental to the business strategy of the Scottish Leather Group and its subsidiary companies, with the reduction of emissions to water, land and air a constant aim and a significant feature in process and investment decision making.

Following the £6.1 million self-funded investment in the Group’s Thermal Energy Plant in 2010, a further £1.3 million was invested this year in an Ultra Filtration Plant representing the Group’s first step toward recycling water.

Dr. Warren Bowden, Environment Director of Scottish Leather Group, commented: “The Group continues to set standards for sustainability within the leather sector and maintains its brands’ reputations as low carbon pioneers. This philosophy has enabled the Group to further reduce carbon footprint per hide alongside significantly increased volumes, costs for utilities and waste disposal. Our Group Environment Report allows us to illustrate the year’s successes and will hopefully encourage more of the leather industry to follow our lead.”

The report also outlines the improvements made in the use of energy and waste, with increased usage of renewable heat in place of fossil fuels representing a 30% reduction to date. Further, the Group has increased general recycling and aims to reuse 100% of group waste in the future.

Corporate Responsibility is addressed in the report, with accreditation to ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 150001:2011 providing greater accountability of energy use and further endorsement of the low carbon leather branding.