Scania at the Johannesburg Truck and Bus Show



An unbeatable combination: the right vehicles backed up by the best services possible. For delivery solutions above the ordinary.


In the day-to-day world of multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, you need continuous vehicle availability in order to serve your customers on time. Scania distribution trucks, with their robust chassis and powertrains, provide the productivity and reliability you need, along with superb fuel economy, low emissions and excellent total operating economy.

And every vehicle is ready to be integrated with tailored services to keep your business in motion. From financing and insurance, through maintenance for the whole vehicle, to service contracts customised to your operations. We make it easy for you to own a Scania. It’s all about delivery in motion.


The versatility of distribution boxes makes them a perfect solution for many operations. A Scania vehicle is often the first choice of both owners and drivers.

Distribution boxes are used for widely diverse operations and transport a large variety of goods. Scania offers a full range of choices, from 2-axle city vehicles to tractor-trailer combinations for regional routes.

Scania box solutions are developed for those multi pickup and multidrop tasks that are so typical for distribution operations. Flexibility is important and many owners wish to equip their vehicles with a taillift. Scania supplies the vehicle either with prepared mounting points, a complete taillift ex-factory or customised according to special requests.

Superior reliability, high uptime and driveability make Scania vehicles highly competitive in the distribution segment. Scania strengths like these all have a major impact on your total operating cost



A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is particularly true for a cold chain.

Products such as food, groceries and pharmaceuticals need to be kept within a specific temperature range to stay fresh. In order to accomplish this, you need a vehicle that you can rely on.

Scania offers temperature-controlled distribution trucks and tractors with superior reliability and uptime. They have been developed specifically to deal with multiple deliveries or pick-ups, and typically have two or three axles.

The insulated boxes are equipped with integrated cooling/heating units and can be fitted with various taillift solutions. Whatever your need – be it a dedicated diesel-driven cooling unit, or a generator driven by the truck’s engine –Scania will tailor a solution to ensure your uptime and profit


For flexibility and maximum uptime, curtainsiders offer many benefits, especially if your operations include multi pickup and multidrop situations.

In these conditions, repeated loading and unloading are a central part of every driver’s working day. Scania curtainsiders are optimised for these tasks. Cargo handling is easy, you simply lift the cover, push aside the stake if necessary, load the goods, readjust the stake, secure the load, close the cover and go.

Distribution curtainsiders are used for widely diverse operations and transport a large variety of goods. Scania offers a full range of choices, from 2-axle city solutions to tractor-trailer combinations for regional routes.

These vehicles are highly competitive in the distribution segment because Scania strengths, such as superior reliability, high uptime and driveability, all have a major impact on your total operational cost.


Scania’s robust chassis are built to withstand many years of hard work. Moreover, Scania reliability helps avoid problems, and fewer repairs yields uptime and excellent operational economy over the long term.

With no need for additional tanks, Scania EGR helps make the chassis very easy to build on, while also reducing bodybuilder lead times. This means that your vehicles can begin operating and earning revenue as soon as possible. When it comes to keeping your vehicles rolling, your needs for maximum uptime and parts availability are ensured via our extensive service network.


Supplying fuel in urban and residential areas requires excellent manoeuvrability. Scania offers the tightest turning circle in the segment – and as a typical Scania bonus, these vehicles are a pleasure to drive.

Scania’s unique modular system allows you to fully customise vehicles to meet specific needs. It enables you, for instance, to reduce weight as well as to optimise length. ADR specifications are available ex-factory, with many options for fuel and chemical transport. And you gain high security with premium components.

Scania cabs offer some of the finest driver visibility available. This is a crucial safety factor in busy urban and residential areas where many pedestrians and other unprotected road users are moving close to the vehicle

Complete vehicles

With our commitment to one-stop shopping, you can now order complete vehicles from Scania.

Scania’s approach to one-stop shopping helps your business to save time and money, while ensuring high levels of quality. You have a single point of contact for all transactions, one invoice and financing on the complete vehicle, as well as full service support.

In all, Scania gives you an extensive product range and optimised vehicles, with shorter lead times. And over the long term you’ll enjoy higher residual values – Scania vehicles always prove to be an excellent investment from a cost-benefit perspective.