Say Happy Holidays with a Google Gmail YouTube Christmas card


If you haven’t received a Google Santa Christmas Card yet, it is likely that your friends have not yet discovered the Gmail Send a Call from Santa service. The Gmail send a Call from Santa Service allows you to send a Christmas card to your friends, loved ones and family.

Santa Christmas Card

With all the excitement Google were able to generate this Christmas it will be a sweet deal if you’re friends, loved ones and family receive a Gmail Christmas Card from you.

Earlier this week we have created a detailed description and tutorial on how to send a

Santa Christmas Card

from Google. You can view the Santa Christmas Card tutorial now to learn how to send you Google Santa Christmas Card.

Christmas card part of the Holiday Season Tradition:

Traditionally the Christmas card have played a major role in Traditional Christmas celebrations. As the internet became more popular, people started to neglect and even forget to send their friends and families Paper Christmas Cards.

This year Google is doing their part by once again, using smart technology to help people send Christmas Cards and Happy Holiday wishes. If you haven’t yet send a Santa Call to your friends. You can do so by using the “Send a Call from Santa” Christmas card site.

Happy Holidays!