HPI CrushWatch Returns Vehicles to Finance Companies and Helps Police Protect the UK’s Highways

The latest figures from vehicle information expert HPI, suggest that it is drivers of mid-range higher volume vehicles, often the popular Vauxhall, Ford and Volkswagen models, which continue to be the greatest offenders of insurance evasion.  However, a staggering number of offenders in 2011 were drivers of prestige, high value vehicles, including five Ferraris, two worth £151,000 and £115,000 each, an Audi R8, a Bentley and a number of Lamborghinis.

Nearly 1 in 10 of the 60,000 uninsured cars seized by the police in 2011 and checked with HPI CrushWatch, had outstanding finance recorded against them.   Working in partnership with the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA), HPI created HPI CrushWatch in direct response to the FLA’s initiative to clamp down on uninsured drivers.  The scheme brings together motor lenders and police to reclaim illegal cars, rather than having the vehicles scrapped.

“There are an estimated 1.4 million uninsured motorists on the UK roads, illustrating the threat facing law abiding road users and the finance providers who own the offending cars,” comments Daniel Burgess, Managing Director for HPI.   “In 2011 HPI CrushWatch alerted finance companies to the seizure of over £31 million worth of vehicles they owned, thereby protecting their assets from the crusher.  It’s very interesting to learn how many of these vehicles are being driven by people the majority of us would consider to be in a position to afford insurance, yet have been caught persistently avoiding paying premiums.”

Forty-three of the UK’s 52 police forces actively use HPI CrushWatch, illustrating its effectiveness in the clampdown against insurance evaders. HPI’s 2011 figures show that West Yorkshire, Strathclyde and Merseyside police forces have notched up the highest total value of seized cars, indicating these regions have the greatest number of insurance offenders on their roads, followed closely by Hertfordshire and Lancashire.

As part of the HPI CrushWatch service, every vehicle a finance company registers with HPI will be automatically checked by participating police enforcement agencies if they are seized.  Finance companies signing up to HPI CrushWatch will be alerted when any vehicle they have an interest in is seized.  This allows them to decide whether to recover the vehicle for selling on to recoup bad debt, or allow it to be destroyed.

Daniel Burgess concludes, “Available to all finance companies, not just HPI clients, HPI CrushWatch uses HPI Check data to help the motor finance industry reclaim illegal cars. With no annual fees, subscribers only pay for the alerts they receive, offering finance companies a powerful weapon to protect their assets, whilst helping the police to safeguard innocent motorists from becoming victims of uninsured drivers.”

Top 10 HPI CrushWatch Recoveries in 2011 by Value

1.   Ferrari 458 Italia DCT S-A £151,475
2.   Ferrari California 2 Plus 2 S-A £115,100
3.   Ferrari California 2 Plus £92,800
4.   Audi R8 Spyder Quattro £90,190
5.   Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder £85,725
6.   Ferrari F430 Spider F1 £74,950
7.   Bentley Continental GTC £72,100
8.   Ferrari F430 Spider F1 £64,400
9.   Lamborghini Gallardo £64,300
10. Lamborghini Gallardo £64,000

Top 10 HPI CrushWatch Models Most Commonly Recovered in 2011

1.   Vauxhall Astra 373 £1,518,756
2.   Ford Focus 333 £1,602,856
3.   Vauxhall Corsa 261 £910,094
4.   Ford Fiesta 209 £860,803
5.   Volkswagen Golf 206 £1,338,966
6.   Ford Transit 172 £748,678
7.   BMW 3 Series 166 £1,176,584
8.   Vauxhall Vectra 152 £372,564
9.   Renault Megane 135 £411,130
10. Peugeot 206 125 £191,524

Top 5 Marques Most Commonly Recovered by HPI CrushWatch in 2011

Vauxhall 1072
Ford 971
Volkswagen 366
Peugeot 263
Renault 254

Top Ten Total Value of CrushWatch Finance Hits by Police Force in 2011

43 of the UK’s 52 Police forces use HPI CrushWatch, including 349 recovery agents on their behalf.

1.   West Yorkshire £3,320,383
2.   Strathclyde £2,576,220
3.   Merseyside £1,902,792
4.   Hertfordshire £1,645,661
5.   Lancashire £1,194,078
6.   Greater Manchester £1,120,076
7.   Cheshire £823,025
8.   Essex £597,741
9.   Northumbria £344,614
10. Bedfordshire £190,225