Save the Rhino from Poaching by Douglas Adams


Here in South Africa we are fighting a difficult fight to save the Rhino from extinction, and we can use any means possible to make the United Kingdom, United States and world population aware of the extinction that the Rhinos are facing in South Africa and the world.

Anti Rhino Poaching

“Photograph of a Rhino” – Photograph by

Grobler Du Preez

(Photographer against Anit-Poaching of the Rhino in South Africa)

Today 11 March 2013 Google is celebrating the life and legacy of Douglas Adams, he was a famous author, dramatist, amateur musician and conservation activist and many of the websites dedicated to Douglas Adams will talk about his role in “Doctor Who” and his most famous work “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” however many people will not know about Douglas Adams passion for saving the South African Rhino population from extinction.

In honor of Douglas Adams and the legacy he left behind, and his passion for animals and especially his passion for saving rhino’s we would like to dedicate this article about Douglas Adams to him, and his fight against the poaching of Rhino’s.

Douglas Adams became a founder patron of Save the Rhino International (SRI) in 1994 and was a dedicated spokesperson for “Save the Rhino” right up until his death in 2001 at the age of 49.

Save the Rhino

“Save the Rhino Photograph” – Photograph by

Dick Whitlock

To learn more about the Douglas Adams Save the Rhino project you can visit the official save the Rhino website at

Douglas Adams became interested in conservation in 1985 after the Observer Colour Magazine sent him to investigate Madagascar’s endangered Aye-aye, accompanied by zoologist Mark Carwardine.  This resulted in a radio series for the BBC and then a book, both entitled Last Chance to See, in which he and Mark visited rare species such as New Zealand’s Kakapo and the northern white rhinos of Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 1992, this was made into a CD-ROM combination of audio book, e-book and picture slide show years before such things became fashionable.

Rhino Poaching

“”Rhino Refuge” – Black Rhino in Africa” Photograph by

Morkel Erasmus

Since 2003, Save the Rhino has held an annual Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture around the time of his birthday to raise money for rhino conservation projects and in honor of Douglas Adams you can make a contribution yourself towards the Save the Rhino project by visiting their website and see how you can become actively involved in the Save the Rhino project.

Douglas Adams Google Doodle

Rhino Poaching have become a very lucrative business for poachers and we might lose the Rhino to greedy people wanting to make money at the cost of Rhino’s. Today we here at 3D Car Shows hope that the Google Doodle about Douglas Adams, will lead to millions of people around the world to become more aware of the Rhino Poaching that is taking place, and threatening to extinct the Rhino species!