Satria Neo Launch


The Satria Neo is a beautifully crafted evolution of the famous icon, the Proton Satria GTi. Artistically designed in partnership with Lotus, like a masterpiece in a gallery, style and comfort dominate the exterior curves and interior shades. Bold and engaging textures enhance the environment to provide a smooth, comfortable drive, every time.

Satria Neo South Africa Car Show

Minimalist is the rule of its interior design; the Satria Neo cuts a stylish, sporty image. Furnished with bold textures and shades, giving it a touch of luxury. Whilst compact, it boasts an ample seating capacity with newly designed gadgets. The air-conditioning dials have gone through a “redefinition of style”. The steering wheel has an integrated radio control function and many more nifty additions.

Don’t be deceived. Underneath its compact exterior lies a powerful beast waiting to be unleashed. With a formidable CamPro 16V DOHC engine developed in collaboration with Lotus, this mean machine is capable of going really fast. You’ll be begging for more.

Satria Neo South Africa Car Show

Inspired by Lotus handling dynamics, the Satria Neo is tuned for precise steering response and maneuverability unlike you’ve ever experienced before. Attention to aerodynamics profile offers excellent balance. Be prepared for amazing high speed tracking stability and vehicle control.

It is built with the use of High-tensile Steel to provide optimum structural rigidity and crashworthiness, maximizing driver/passenger protection. Reinforced side doors and built-in crumple zones also add to the Satria Neo’s remarkably strong and safe cabin. Its durability has gone through stringent tests in extreme conditions to ensure reliability against unforeseen incidents.

Satria Neo South Africa Car Show

The Satria Neo has gone through rigorous tests to ensure protection. Its impeccable strength starts at the framework. With precision engineering, impact absorption is drawn throughout the body structure to give maximum protection to driver and passengers. All these make the Satria Neo’s safety features compliant with international standards.