SAPS Driver Training Course


SAPS Driver Training – Background

The South African Police Service in Gauteng has identified an urgent need for defensive and advanced driving skills within the SAPS in order to reduce vehicle costs, speed up service delivery and teach members the art of skilled driving. A two day course is currently being rolled out to operational members of the SAPS in the Gauteng Province.

The objective of this course is to equip the police members of the Gauteng Province in vehicle maintenance, utilization, high speed pursuits and tactical approaches. This is in order to reduce vehicle repairs, accidents and legal claims arising from incorrect vehicle utilization and accidents.

Driving Dynamics was awarded this contract to train 3 000 members in both defensive and advanced driving skills by the end of March 2010, just prior to the World Cup.

All training takes place at Gerotek vehicle testing facility outside Pretoria every Monday to Friday of the week.

The training takes place in GMSA sponsored Chevrolet Aveo’s, Optra’s, Isuzu D/Cabs. Members of the Elite Special Task Force undergo more rigorous training in high performance Chevrolet Lumina SS Sedans and Corsa OPCs.

Interesting facts about the course;

  1. Partners involved: General Motors South Africa – Vehicles
  2. Gerotek – Driving facility
  3. Barloworld Motor Retail – Servicing and parts
  4. Yokohama SA – Tyres
  5. The fleet consisting of three (3) Chevrolet Aveo’s, two (2) Chevrolet Optra’s and one (1) Isuzu KB have covered 50,000 Km of intensive driving at the Gerotek facility, using over 100 Yokohama tyres and 100,000 litres of fuel.
  6. As of Thursday 29 October 2009, 963 SAPS members out of a total of 1 800 have successfully completed the training

Grant McCleery – MD of Driving Dynamics advised “Out of the 963 members, 90% have been trained from tactical units, namely: The Flying Squad, Rapid response unit, Dog Unit, Special Task Force and thee Crime Combating Unit”

McCleery is pleased with the support that he has received from SAPS Provincial Head Office who have made sure that all nominated members attend the course. “Members are nominated from a provincial call up procedure sent from Provincial Head Office, to their commanding officers of their respective unit. If the member fails to attend the course, the cost is deducted from their unit’s budget. This works well in the sense that actual turnout for the courses has been excellent.”

A member of the West Rand Flying Squad, Constable Thathane, who recently attended the two day course believes that “the course is relevant to our everyday scenarios. I learnt an enormous amount over the two days. It should be compulsory for all SAPS member to attend countrywide”

Superintendent Steenkamp from the Rapid Response Unit also found the course valuable. “The course is a learning curve for all members old and new. What a fantastic experience. I thought I could drive well but I’ve realized that there is still a lot to learn,” said Steenkamp.

Ray Meyers, Director of Ti Auto (Yokohama Tires) was very impressed with the turnout, “Yokohama is excited about this initiative and we are happy to assist in making this training a great success, in order for it to continue and spread to other parts of the country. We need to assist the SAPS in achieving their training goals”

Marius van Vuuren – Chief training officer from Driving Dynamics had this to add “It is great to see that the Gauteng Province is investing in Life Saving Skills for their members, to ensure faster and safer service delivery to the community that they serve”

Des Fenner, Product Communications Manager for GMSA advised “It was a no brainer for GMSA to participate in this training as SAPS have been one of our best customers over the years and it was a natural extension of this partnership, as it ties in with our strategy with SAPS to support and assist the public of South Africa.

This partnership with SAPS extends through this driver training involvement and the support of vehicles to the Flying Squad in Port Elizabeth (Home of GMSA) and with the ongoing Operation Mandume (joint venture with SAPS and Namibian police) which has become synonymous with Isuzu”

“We believe that in order for the members of SAPS to be world class, they need the support of world class driver training (Driving Dynamics) a world class training facility (Gerotek) world class after-sales support and servicing (Barloworld dealers), world class Yokohama tyres and of course world class Chevrolet, Opel and Isuzu vehicles to achieve this”

SAPS Advanced Driving Course Agenda

Day One 08H00 – 08H30

  • Arrival of SAPS Members at Gerotek
  • Tea / Coffee / Muffins
  • Documentation and Registration

Theoretical Presentation 08H30 – 10H30

  • System of vehicle control
  • Driving attitudes
  • Driver awareness levels
  • Drivers knowledge of vehicles instrumentation and safety systems

10H30 – 10H45

  • Break and move to Module One

Module One -High Speed Oval 10H45 – 12H45

  • Steering and seating techniques
  • Braking Recognition
  • Braking techniques

12H45 – 13H00

  • Move to Restaurant

13H00 – 13H30

  • Full lunch in Lapa

13H30 – 13H45

  • Move to Module Two
  • Module Two – Skidpan

13H45 – 17H00

  • Loss of control of vehicle
  • Regaining control of vehicle
  • Emergency lane changes
  • Control Skidding techniques

17H00 – 17H30

  • Debrief session
  • Depart for Unit

Day Two 08H00 – 08H30

  • Arrival of SAPS Members at Gerotek
  • Tea / Coffee / Muffins
  • Documentation and Registration

08H30 – 09H30

  • Conference centre
  • Examination Test (Booklets to be provided to members prior to training)

09H30 – 09H45

  • Compulsory break

Module Three – Defensive Driving Skills 09H45 – 12H45

  • Application of general road traffic rules
  • Caution towards other road users
  • System of vehicle control
  • Drivers attitude

Each SAPS member to be personally debriefed by instructors 12H45 – 13H00

  • Move to Restaurant 13H00 – 13H30
  • Full lunch in Lapa

13H30 – 13H45

  • Move to Module Four
  • Module Four – High Speed Driving Skills

13H45 – 17H00

  • Convoy Driving
  • Protecting Principle in Convoy
  • Emergency Evasive Skills
  • Anti-Ambush Techniques
  • Correct vehicle searching techniques

17H00 – 17H30

  • Debrief session