Santa Tracker 2014


Google have created the Santa Tracker application to help kids track and follow Santa Clause this holiday season. The Santa Tracker system from Google uses the Google Maps to indicate when it is expected for Santa Clause to deliver his presents to kids from across the globe.

Santa Tracker

The Santa Clause map system is time and location based showing when it is the 25th of December (Christmas Day) in all countries across the globe. Tradition have it that Santa Clause deliver his presents at precisely 12:00 am on the 25th of December and by using the Google Maps and the Timeline world system Google with it’s Santa Tracker can more or less predicts where Santa Clause is at any given time and when it is the start of Christmas Day across the globe.

The Google Santa Tracker makes it even more interesting for kids to get into the Christmas spirit by providing Christmas theme games for kids to play. The Santa Tracker starts in Samoa and then tracks Santa when the clock strikes midnight in each and every country.

The Santa Tracker games is safe and fun to play for kids, and ideal for parents that want to keep their children busy this Holiday Season.

You can find the Santa Tracker games and software at