Saint David’s Day


Today March 1, 2014 Google UK announced Saint David’s Day with a Google on the UK Search Engine FrontPage. The main parts of the Doodle include a woman sitting at a table and a red dragon drinking tea. The woman is wearing a traditional Welsh costume. From the 1880s, when the traditional costume had gone out of general use, selected elements of it became adopted as a National Costume.


From then on it was worn by women at events such as Royal visits, by choirs, at church and chapel, for photographs and occasionally at eisteddfodau. It was first worn by girls as a celebration on Saint David’s Day just before the First World War. The costume is now recognized as the national dress of Wales. It is good to see that the Doodler responsible for the “Saint David’s Day” Google Doodle have done proper research when choosing elements of the doodle.

Another important Welsh symbol in the Saint David’s Day doodle include the RED DRAGON or Welsh Dragon. The Red Dragon forms part of Welsh National Symbols and the Red Dragon can be seen on the Flag of Whales.


It is interesting to know that the Flag of Saint David, is a Yellow Cross over a black background and it is often flown during Saint David’s Day. In recent times the flag has been adopted as a symbol of Welsh nationalism.

Some organizations, such as the Christian Party use this flag instead of Y Ddraig Goch, citing their dissatisfaction with the current flag. (But this is a story for another day)

About Saint David’s Day

March 1st is traditionally the feast of St David, he is the patron saint of Wales, and it is believed that he died in 569, although there is uncertainty on exactly which day he died, Wales celebrates the day on the 1stof March.

Today there will be some parades across Wales and it is believed that Prince Charles will attend the Parade in Cardiff in honor of St David. People in Wales will pin daffodils and leeks to their clothing honoring Saint David on Saint David’s Day. Traditionally kids and woman will also dress up in their Welsh Traditional Clothing as part of the celebrations.

Saint David was a Welsh bishop of Menevia during the 6th century; he was later regarded as a saint and as the patron saint of Wales. David was a native of Wales, and a relatively large amount of information is known about his life.

You can read more about Saint David’s Day on Wikipedia at

for more details about him.

Happy Saint David’s Day to all celebrating the day!