Look left, then right… Even though their ‘cars’ were of the one-wheeled variety and their traffic snarls were easily untangled by the kindly officers on duty, the children of Oosterland Youth Centre in Despatch, near Port Elizabeth, now understand Goodyear’s message of ‘Safety Together’.

Goodyear safety small steps

The mini motorists and pint-sized pedestrians had heaps of fun learning about the rules of the road when they attended a special traffic safety day sponsored by Goodyear.  The Centre has long enjoyed financial support from Goodyear, but this safety day at the Kwanobuhle traffic department was particularly appropriate because of the company’s  focus on safety together with Goodyear.

“The kids loved their specially made t-shirts and hopefully will remember enough from their day out to be able to take care of themselves when crossing the street,” said Lize Hayward, Goodyear Group Brand Communications Manager.

“However, Goodyear’s message of safety extends beyond the obvious elements of tyre and tar. As a company, we encourage the safety and wellbeing of humankind, which is why we contribute to the special needs of the children at the Oosterland Youth Centre.

“The modern world is full of challenges and obstacles. We need to take care of ourselves and each other. We need to be safe, together.  If we can drive this message home to the littlest among us, hopefully the world will become a safer, more caring place.”