Safety is a serious priority at Renault


One of the central pillars in Renault’s business strategy is safety. Over the past 50 years, the company has built up an enviable reputation as being the leader in this field. The fact that a record eight vehicles in its product line-up have achieved the distinction of being awarded a 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety programme bears witness to the success that Renault has attained.

The quest for ever-increasing vehicle and road user safety is an ongoing effort. Renault annually devotes in excess of R900 million of its Research and Development budget and 600 employees, for the sole purpose to further improving safety standards.

Renault has also taken the unique step of appointing a Director of Road Safety and Policy for the Renault Group worldwide. This has given the pursuit of safety even more prominence in the motor industry, underlining the fact that safety is equated in importance with quality and environmental issues.

Having taken vehicle safety to benchmark heights, the company is now further demonstrating its sincere concern about the safety of its customers and road users in general, by looking for and pursuing programs that go even beyond vehicle development to ensure greater safety.

Both locally and internationally, Renault is actively pursuing safety programmes thus demonstrating the French marque’s commitment to safety.

In line with this approach, Renault South Africa has joined hands with the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists, promoting the usage of seat belts by the country’s motorists. This programme is known as the “Saved by the Belt” campaign. The basis of this initiative is to establish a fraternity of people around the country who owe their lives to the fact that they were wearing seatbelts when involved in an accident.

International research has firmly established that the wearing of seatbelts is one of the major factors in preventing deaths and serious injuries in vehicle accidents. Unfortunately though, in South Africa with its unacceptably high accident and death rate, only an estimated 40 percent of motorists actively wear their seat belts. Renault is convinced that promoting seat belt usage will make a significant contribution towards lowering the death and injury rate on our roads.

The “Saved by the Belt” programme is aimed at changing the mindset of motorists by exposing the positive benefits of buckling-up every time they get into a vehicle, whether it is as a driver or passenger. Renault South Africa and the Guild hereby invite motorists to share their testimonials, highlighting how a simple action spared their life or prevented serious injury.

People may register to join the programme through the Renault and Guild of Motoring Journalist’s websites, e-mailing brief details of their experience to

or via fax to 012 803 8399. Members will receive a specially designed lapel badge and certificate to attest to their life-saving experience.

“Saved by the Belt” envisage promoting safety on South African roads. Besides saving many lives, it will also serve to emphasise the leading role that Renault plays in pursuing greater safety for all.

“It is a role that we are very proud of”, says Renault South Africa’s Managing Director, Dr. Jean-Jacques le Goff.

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