RS Azure: Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Spider and McLaren MP4 now available to hire through new luxury club.

  • One of the most exclusive club offerings available in Europe
  • Members gain exclusive access to stunning portfolio of private jets, exquisite accommodation, luxury yachts and ultimate supercars
  • Outstandingly good value pricing for entry into club and access to assets
  • Limited ‘ad-hoc’ availability to non-members and corporate groups

RS Academy, Europe’s most unique and exclusive car club, is now proud to announce the launch of RS Azure, an exclusive club that allows members to gain access to an incredible portfolio of private aircraft, yachts, supercars and the exclusive La Terre Blanche golf resort and spa in the Cote D’Azur and Provence region in the South of France. For car fans, the club is offering a mouth-watering selection of cars, many of which cannot be hired elsewhere. The portfolio of cars includes a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458 Spider, McLaren MP4 and a Bugatti Veyron.

RS Azure is a co-owner of these stunning assets, and is therefore able to offer its members access to this incredible range products and facilities in a wide variety of packages and services; all tailored to a member’s individual needs. Membership is limited to a strict number of clients in order to provide flexible access to all of the club benefits.

RS Azure’s founder, Rob Stanbury says: “RS Academy already has a reputation for organising the world’s best supercar experiences for its members, but now RS Azure can offer so much more through an unrivalled access to amazing aircraft, yachts, resort accommodation and the world’s finest supercars.  At an amazingly competitive price, we can now provide the complete luxury lifestyle experience to our members with the benefit of totally bespoke customer service.”

In addition to the exclusive club membership, RS Azure also offers fixed price 2-3 day packages for customers wanting one-off experiences or access to the experience on an ad-hoc basis. Rob Stanbury continues: “This particular option will hold strong appeal to corporate clients who can gain cost-effective, commitment-free access to the club for one-off or ad-hoc events.” A typical ‘fixed price’ experience would include a return flight on private jet, one day enjoying a fully-staffed luxury yacht, a day driving the finest supercars on local coastal and mountain roads and a full day enjoying world-class golf and relaxing in a spa.

However, full membership of the club allows far greater flexibility to choose and tailor the activities over several visits with greater choice over what can be accessed and when it can be used. Club membership requires a pre-paid ‘subscription’ and offers exceptional value – often half the prices that clients might typically expect to pay for air and yacht charter.  Much like the tried and tested private jet ‘card’ schemes operated throughout the world, RS Azure membership provides a  ‘credit’ to members which can be drawn upon during the course of 24 months or until the credit is used and the account requires a further deposit.

Beyond access to the wonderful La Terre Blanche resort – regarded by many to be one of the finest in the world, is an incredible portfolio of aircraft and yachts – as well as the cars. These include a Cessna Mustang Citation jet, a Eurocopter, and San Lorenzo yacht.