The Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars today welcomes one of the oldest  Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts in the world. The Silver Dawn has just  returned from Europe, having successfully completed 1,800 miles on the  2013 Centenary Alpine Trial, the oldest Silver Ghost to do so. Proudly  wearing the ‘Number 1’ rally plaque, The Silver Dawn conquered  treacherous and demanding conditions, including the infamous Stelvio  and Loibl passes. This remarkable motor car is currently on display in  the foyer of the company’s Head Office at Goodwood, West Sussex.

rolls royce

The Silver Dawn was built in 1908, wears its original  registration number and features original parts including chassis,  engine, gearbox and front and rear axles. All major components are  stamped 1908 and the engine even retains its original cast iron  pistons. The car was restored to an impeccable standard by Rolls-Royce  Motor Cars’ authorised dealer, P&A Wood.

Silver Dawn

The 2013 Centenary Alpine Trial celebrated a remarkable point in  Rolls-Royce history. A century ago this June, four Rolls-Royce Silver  Ghosts embarked on the Austrian Alpine Trials, the most arduous test  of automotive endurance of the time. In performing without fault over  1,800 gruelling miles of near impassable mountain terrain, the  Rolls-Royce Works Team and privateer entrant James Radley helped  cement the marque’s reputation for peerless reliability and mechanical  excellence, a reputation the company proudly retains today. The Silver  Ghosts’ performance establishing Rolls-Royce as maker of the ‘Best Car  in the World’.