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    Robert Doisneau French PhotographerToday 14 April 2012 if you visited the Google Search Engine you would have seen some of the images of Robert Doisneau on the fronpage of Google.

    If you were wondering who Robert Doisneau were or maybe missed it you can watch this video. In this video we will tell you more about Robert Doisneau.

    You can also visit the

    Robert Doisneau

    page and read more about him. This is from an article we did earlier today about him.

    Automotive Photographer for Renault – Robert Doisneau

    It is interesting to know that Robert Doisneau have started his photographer career as a photojournalist at the Renault motor company in France. In a statement he made he once said that “He started his photography career at Renault but it were also the time that he lost his youth”.

    He worked for Renault as a motor journalist and photojournalist for about 5 years, when he finally got fired because he could not keep time and were frequently late for work or assignments.

    For us here at 3D Car Shows this was a personal interesting story to read about the live of Robert Doisneau. We are also in the photography industry and in the motor industry and reading about the live of Robert Doisneau were very inspiring.

    Until next time, we hope that you have enjoyed the video about Robert Doisneau, the Google Doodle and the information on the 3D Car Shows site about Robert Doisneau. If you liked it please share it.