Sanford C. Bernstein – widely recognised as Wall Street’s premier sell-side research firm – has partnered with Ricardo in the preparation of a landmark report on fuel-efficient automotive technologies for fund managers and investors, which maps the likely investment opportunities arising from the evolution of European automotive technology over the next 15 years.

    Bernstein has now published its latest Blackbook – research publications widely acknowledged within the investment community for the high quality of their unbiased, in-depth company and industry forecasts – on the future of European automotive technology. It is highly unusual for Bernstein to collaborate in such a public manner with an external partner. This is a reflection of the equally high esteem in which Ricardo’s insights into for the future of automotive technology and markets are held.

    The report highlights the diverse strategies being followed by global automakers in their efforts to provide the next generation of low carbon vehicles, ranging from the very clear commercial focus upon electric vehicles followed by Renault-Nissan, to the makers that are concentrating their development effort on highly down-sized forms of the conventional powertrain. In all cases, automakers will need to manage both the technology and financial risks associated with the development and market launch of new and radically different technologies. The report also highlights the supply chain opportunities that will exist for those able to accelerate the delivery of advanced technologies for next-generation conventional powertrains, as well as for suppliers with disruptive technologies in areas such as high capacity battery systems and other enabling aspects of electrification. With its in-depth market perspectives and detailed cost analyses of new technologies, the report thus provides extremely valuable insights for investors wishing to engage with the automotive technology sector.

    The collaboration with Bernstein is just the latest instance of Ricardo working effectively with the investment community to provide impartial, objective and highly informed insights into the market potential of advanced technologies. In June 2011 Ricardo Strategic Consulting published a white paper outlining the processes that investors and automakers should adopt as they evaluate investment opportunities and suppliers in the economically crucial, rapidly developing electric vehicle battery systems market.  In the same month the company was also voted ‘consulting firm of the year’ in the UK by readers of Finance Monthly magazine for its work on a due diligence study for Swedish venture capital company Fouriertransform AB.

    Commenting on the publication of the Bernstein Blackbook report , Ricardo Strategic Consulting managing director for Northern Europe, Ian Kershaw, said:

    “This very successful collaboration with Sanford C. Bernstein underscores the high value placed upon Ricardo’s insights and informed opinion on advanced technologies by investors engaging in the automotive industry worldwide. Ricardo is one of very few organizations able to provide this level of in-depth technology forecasting and road-mapping on a global basis, drawing upon the combined skills, expertise and knowledge of our leading edge research and development organization, and our international strategic consulting team.”