Independent technology review and feasibility evaluation provides key step towards commercialization for liquid cryogen engine concept – aimed at competing with hydrogen fuel cells and pure battery electric systems in zero emissions applications

    As one of the leading innovators of the global transportation sector, it is perhaps unsurprising that many emerging technology companies and investors turn to Ricardo for an unbiased, informed and objective evaluations, and formal due diligence studies of their new technology-based inventions.

    To this end the Dearman Engine Company (DEC) approached Ricardo to carry out an in-depth review of the company’s liquid cryogen engine concept, the development work carried out to date and the market potential of a fully developed product based on this.

    “Clearly we still have a long way to go to build a fully optimised demonstration engine and also get people to believe that using cold air as an energy vector is not a load of hot air,” commented Toby Peters, founder of DEC. “It is very exciting news that Ricardo has not just validated the technology and its commercial potential, but also the team working on it.”

    “Our work with Dearman Engine Company highlights the very useful service that Ricardo can provide both to technology developers wishing to translate their ideas and inventions into commercial product innovations, as well as to technology investors seeking objective, unbiased due diligence services,” said Nick Owen, project director for research and collaboration at Ricardo UK. “We look forward to working with DEC in the coming months to help bring its technology closer towards commercial maturity.”