Republic Day India 2013 Google Doodle


January 26th, 1950 marked the day in Indian history when the country became truly self-ruled. On the day in history January 26, 1950 the Government of India Act was replaced by the Constitution of India and India became independent and a Republic.

republic day india

Today 63 years later India is one of the developing countries in the world with a bright future, and it looks like the Indian economy is one of the few economies in the world that is still doing good.

Today January 26, 2013 Google have chosen to announce the “Republic Day India” with a Google Doodle on their homepage in the Indian Google Search Engine. The Doodle features a modern abstract image of a Tiger in a jungle with the words “Google” written on the Tiger as part of the Tiger’s stripes.

The Bengal Tiger “Republic Day India” Google Doodle endangered Species

Many people outside India may not be aware that the Bengal Tiger, looks like the one in the “Republic Day” Google Doodle is on the IUCN endangered species list. In 2010 it was classified as being endangered when Tiger numbers fell drastically in India as a result of poaching. In India there are 42 Tiger reservations which are fighting to preserve the tigers for future generations and preventing the loss of these beautiful animals.

Republic Day India

While India is celebrating independence day today, we think that the tiger within the “Republic Day India” Google doodle should make the world aware of the Bengal Tiger and the fact that it may become extinct soon, and that we as citizens of the world should join in the fight to conserve nature and protect our habitat from dying.

To those in India who are celebrating Republic Day today, we wish you a wonderful day and a prosperous year.