Repairers Guide Thatcham to The Right Trac


    The first meeting of the newly formed Thatcham Repair Advisory Council (TRAC) has taken place at Thatcham’s Automotive Academy in Berkshire.

    The council’s role is to provide the technical direction and practical experiences, which will influence and guide Thatcham’s future accident damage research activities, products and services.

    Bringing together key personnel from across the collision repair community, the twelve Council members draw representation from mobile, insurer, independent, affinity, multi-site and franchised bodyshops, with Thatcham specialists providing additional expertise.

    TRAC will meet twice yearly, bringing to the table live issues, supported by real world evidence for debate and action. The council will also consider issues raised within the newly formed Academy User Group, which was established earlier this year by Thatcham, to guide the development of Academy courses and delivery.

    As the driving force behind TRAC, Lesley Upham, Thatcham’s Commercial Director is keen to promote greater interaction within the repair community, “Understanding first hand, the challenges  that new vehicle technology and associated repair techniques brings to the repair community is vital in ensuring that Thatcham remain at the forefront of customer service and continue to  provide focussed and relevant repair data and training.

    The Repair Advisory Council and the Academy User Group have already given the Thatcham Team a real insight into areas where we can develop our unique position as the world leading accident damage research centre, to ensure our output matches repairers’ requirements.”