Renault Twizy marks the beginning of the all-electric revolution with a completely innovative twoseater design that’s protective and comfortable, fun yet daring, open and revitalising. Designed from the wheels up as an ultramobile, this impertinent newcomer is about to shake up the world of motoring!

Renault Twizy

All large cities have problems with congestion, and Twizy stands out as THE urban mobility solution. Just like Twingo and Espace at the time of their launch, Twizy has anticipated motorists’ needs. And not only does it inaugurate a new vehicle architecture, but it also packs all of Renault’s DNA…

The time has come: Twizy is ready to electrify the city! As a pioneer in this area, Renault is the only manufacturer to market a unique range of affordable electric vehicles, with Fluence Z.E., Kangoo Z.E. and, now, Twizy which will be joined at the end of this summer by ZOE. Twizy is an incredible UDO (Unidentified Driving Object) developed by Renault Sport Technologies and will be manufactured in Renault’s factory in Valladolid, Spain. It will go on sale across the Renault network from March 15, 2012. With tax-paid prices starting from €6,990*, the new model is an urban transport revolution which delivers safety, comfort and free-moving mobility. * depending

    • 100 % FUN 100 % YOURS


Some benchmarks stand out as universal, iconic concepts which everybody copies, while others are in the process of becoming such products. Some of Renault’s strokes of genius, like Twingo, Espace and Scénic, come under the first heading. Meanwhile, with a head start of two or three years on its competitors, Twizy already belongs to the second category…

Designed from the wheels up as a 100% electric vehicle aimed at urban mobility, there’s nothing to match Twizy on the market. First unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show as an avant-garde concept,

Twizy is now poised to arrive in Renault showrooms later this month. Aimed equally at women and men, young people and professionals, Twizy doesn’t have a target customer per se – apart from motorists looking for a vehicle which is not only out of the ordinary but which also delivers genuine, economical and environmentally- respectful fun.

A unique concept for faster mobility than a car …

Yes, it’s possible to be quiet and still make a lot of noise! Twizy brings city dwellers an incredible new urban mobility solution – for one person or two up. Thanks to its ultracompact footprint (length = 2.34m / width = 1.24m) and very low centre of gravity, Twizy can slip into the smallest of gaps and park on a dime. It takes barely six seconds to accelerate from zero to 45kph (the same performance as a 125cc scooter over a distance of 50 metres): Twizy is an incredibly effective four-wheeler!

On a typical urban journey, it enables a time saving of 25% – including parking – without consuming a drop of fuel. Thanks to the panoramic visibility it offers, as well as its thin windscreen pillars, open architecture, 3.4-metre turning circle and parking aids, agility in traffic becomes a way of life.

that ’s safer than a two- or threewheeler

The regulations that govern quadricycles are not the same as those for a car, but that didn’t stop Twizy from drawing on Renault’s exceptional expertise in the field of vehicle safety. To begin with, four wheels are obviously more stable than two or three, while Twizy is equipped with disc brakes all-round and hugs the road thanks to exclusive development input from Renault Sport Technologies. Its friendly features and unusual proportions form a protective cell around two genuine seats, while the driver benefits from a front airbag and a four-point harness, plus a three-point seat belt for the passenger.

Twizy’s optional doors provide additional protection from both the elements and draughts. Meanwhile, its two dash-mounted glove boxes (3.5 and 5 litres, the latter lockable) are equipped with a 12V power supply, and a further 31-litre stowage area is concealed behind the passenger seat.

TWIZY, 100 % FUN 100 % YOURS

Twizy isn’t just about freedom of movement – it also allows owners to tread their own path when it comes to styling, too. They can choose between discreet or trendy, dispensing with the usual cues and colours. Twizy is open to the world around it and offers a variety of interior styles that create individualised, visual harmony. Style is a personal thing, so customers can choose everything, from the motor to the colour, from the transparent roof to the materials. With its gullwing doors and striking urban looks, Twizy is sheer class and a guaranteed head-turner…

Three finishes and four colours…

Style is a personal thing Twizy comes in a choice of three equipment levels: Urban (safety and maximum comfort, even for the entry level version), Color (high on looks and colour) and Technic a (classy black and white trim, alloy wheels and metallic paint as standard.

To cater for restrained or more flamboyant tastes, the body can be ordered in white, black, grey or red, or even with a two-tone livery. With a selection of three trims for the Color version, the roof, optional doors, glove box lids and even seat upholstery can be specified in blue, red or green.

The same applies to the diamondeffect aluminium alloy wheels which can be specified to match the same three colours (option). Last but not least, the Technic equipment level is modern down to the smallest details, from the carbon-fibre look on the body decals to the white front seat back and anti-UV transparent roof (available as an option at a later date).

Twizy: a real choice

To cover individual needs, Twizy is available with a choice of motors, one of which enables it to be driven without a driving licence:

  • Twizy 45 (no driving licence required, depending on national legislation): 4kW (5hp), instantly available peak torque of 33Nm but top speed capped at 45kph,
  • 13kW (17hp), maximum torque of 57Nm and a top speed of 80kph.

Further customisation will be possible from launch thanks to a range of comprehensive decal sets which, in addition to the different equipment levels, will permit owners to design their own Twizy as a function of their personal tastes.

A raft of accessories

Hands-free telephony, a 50-litre carrier bag, a leg cover for protection against the elements, a rear parking sensor, an anti-theft alarm… Twizy can be adapted to every need and desire, proving that it’s perfectly possible to be simple yet well-designed!


We just don’t change at Renault! Who else but the company’s motorsport experts could have been tasked with the development of this forceful little vehicle? From the dyno at Renault Sport F1’s base in Viry-Châtillon to Renault Sport Technologies’ design headquarters in Les Ulis, near Paris, Renault Sport contributed extensively to the (silent!) birth of the company’s latest creation. From the very beginning of the concept, its mission was to imagine an ultramobile for two (TWIN) which was both intuitive and simple to use (EASY).

Twizy took form at the heart of Renault’s motorsport division. From the initial briefs for the chassis and performance characteristics which were drawn up by Renault Sport Technologies, to the tuning of its motor and reliability running on the same dynos as the F1 team engines, Twizy’s development was in expert hands. In addition to the strengths concealed by the model’s unusual forms, this distillation of technology features active and passive safety systems worthy of the newcomer’s Renault heritage.

Thanks to its feather weight (450kg, including batteries), to the surprising acceleration of its electric motor (13kW, 57Nm) and the opportunity it offers to drive in the open air without a helmet, Twizy is a unique concept that you can’t help but like – and which is poised to make its natural element – built-up areas – an even cleaner and safer place…

The latest creation from Renault Sport Technologies

It didn’t take long to decide who the right people to develop the chassis were: because of Twizy’s mid-rear mounted engine (like Clio V6), it was the obvious choice to hand the project over to a focused, lean team. The engineering of its handling performance was in expert hands at Les Ulis, south of Paris.

There were no benchmarks for a concept of this sort, but that was of little matter, since the combination of Renault Sport Technologies’ motorsport experience, the quality of its previous motorsport projects and the team spirit in the design office and workshops did the rest. In addition to leading 80 percent of the overall design work, RST was in complete charge of the car’s handling performance.

Twizy also benefited extensively from Renault’s safety expertise thanks to the firm’s crash test facilities, digital design expertise and approval procedures at the group’s Technical centre in Lardy, near Paris, not to mention thousands of kilometres of real-world testing…

Renault’s rigorous standards were applied to Twizy to the letter, well beyond the requirements demanded by quadricycle legislation.

Renault Sport F1 power for Twizy

The first Twizy prototypes were validated in the middle of 2009. Given that this was an unprecedented product with an ultra-short incubation period, as well as the little inhouse experience of the chosen type of electric motor and limited testing resources, its development was a major challenge.

Thanks to its experience of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), only Renault F1 had both the expertise and the available testing resources. In September, the decision was taken to test the system at Viry-Châtillon and to apply motorsport processes.

The race team’s engineers knew plenty about high rotational speeds (nearly 9,000rpm for Twizy) and the results did justice to the reputation of Renault Sport F1: exemplary speed of response and timing (the entire test programme was completed ahead of the planned date), a rich variety of expertise during the development process and knowledge transfer between the engineering teams… Electrified by Formula 1 expertise, you can be sure that Twizy’s motor has got plenty of muscle!


Following the launches of Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Z.E. in 2011, this month will see Twizy complete Renault’s European Z.E. line-up with its own additional strengths: Unique looks, the agility of a two-wheeler, plus safety and comfort credentials worthy of a conventional car, A sure-footed, sprightly city car which is genuinely fun to drive.

An affordable all-electric car, with prices starting from €6,990 (excluding tax incentives and battery lease), An homologated urban cycle range of 100km range thanks to its 6.1kWh lithium-ion battery and braking/ deceleration energy recovery system. In real-world use, customers can expect a range of 80km by applying eco-driving principles (55km in severe conditions with repeated hard acceleration), Integrated three-metre battery charging cable compatible with 220V domestic power supplies for a complete charge in less than 3½ hours, As the company’s first quadricycle, Twizy is further evidence of Renault’s long-standing taste for innovation.

With a choice of two motors, three equipment levels and a long list of options and accessories, there’s a combination for every customer, plus a carefully-tailored selection of battery lease plans (starting from €50/ month).



The relationship we enjoy with drivers and passengers is founded on a simple concept: to be popular, a car must be practical, reliable and tuned to the lifestyle and expectations of individual customers. This is why Renault, as a volume carmaker, makes such a point of marketing readily affordable ‘lifestyle cars’.

From its first standardised pre-war models in France to the launch of the world’s first range of electric vehicles, our goal has always been to put cars and mobility within the reach of as many people as possible. Today, we believe that another world can be made possible; a world where cars will no longer be a threat to the environment and where it is possible to bring mobility, safety and quality… to everybody.

We share this dream every day because we never forget that our passion for cars is, and always will be, our most valuable driving force. We want to give the automobile new meaning, so it can play a role more in tune with the concerns of modern society, and to ensure it always enables human progress. The Renault cars of today and tomorrow are the foundations of our drive to put sustainable mobility within everybody’s reach.