Renault Twizy by Cathy & David Guetta


At the preview evening held for the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Cathy and David Guetta presented “Renault Twizy by Cathy & David Guetta”, a bright, vibrant Twizy inspired by the world of clubbing.

David Guetta

 Cathy and David Guetta, Twizy ambassadors
A few months ago at the Geneva Motor Show, Renault celebrated the official launch of Twizy with France’s most popular music artist of the moment, David Guetta.

Accompanied by his wife Cathy Guetta, creator of the renowned club nights in Ibiza, David Guetta brought on the music to herald the start of a partnership with Renault to promote Twizy worldwide.

Renault Twizzy 2012

Continuing the one-year partnership spanning all global markets, Cathy and David Guetta yesterday unveiled a unique Twizy model, inspired by the world of clubbing, at the very popular preview evening held for the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Renault Twizzy

Twizy, a creature of the night

“Renault Twizy by Cathy & David Guetta” is a show car featuring the latest innovations in design, such as LEDs of adjustable brightness in the door windows. Glossy chrome detailing showcases a play of light and the metamorphosis into an animal with a gleaming coat. The interior was fully designed in red and black, colours selected by Cathy Guetta. By fading out with the lines and the perception of interior volume, Renault design teams aimed to underline the idea of a night club with its dark enclosed space.

Renault Twizzy Paris Motor Show